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Travel Information

All college-sponsored international travel is suspended until further notice. All non-essential college-sponsored domestic travel is suspended until further notice.

Student Travel Programs

Hope College Group Travel Programs

Hope's Risk and Responsibility Team has been monitoring and assessing inbound and outbound programs at Hope, including May and June terms and immersion programs, in an ongoing manner.

May, June and Summer Travel Programs

The college has canceled all summer 2020 trips. This decision was not easy, but it was driven by a clear priority: the health, safety and wellness of our students. 

  • Reimbursement: Students and departments that incurred expenses for college-related travel that was ultimately cancelled because of the outbreak of COVID-19 (e.g., off-campus academic programs, conferences, etc.) may be eligible for reimbursement. The last day to submit a reimbursement request is May 29, 2020. Email Business Services (busofc@hope.edu) for details.

  • Registration: Our offices are working on canceling your registration for your May-June-Summer off-campus program. Tuition and program fees will be a credit to your student account; credits resulting from this process will first be applied to any other charges on your account. Your deposit will not be forfeited. Over-payments will automatically be refunded in mid-May. You may be receiving credits for Spring 2020 room and board, and we will appreciate your patience in order to process one single refund.
Off-Campus Study Programs

The Center for Global Engagement team is working very closely with off-campus program providers to support students studying off campus this semester, particularly in areas affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Unlike typical travelers, students are supported on the ground at their various study sites by program providers, including professional staff and faculty who provide information, assistance and guidance when necessary. Because conditions are different for each region, recommended action will vary from program to program.

Hope College staff are in communication with both program leaders who are leading group travel and with students who are currently studying abroad.

Hope's Off-Campus Study Program Cancellation Protocol

All college-sponsored international travel and non-essential domestic travel, including outbound off-campus study programs, is suspended until further notice.

For an inbound program, the college will work with the program provider and the Ottawa County Department of Public Health to make decisions about next steps.

Employee Travel Plans

College-Sponsored Travel

Please note this new travel restriction for Hope employees: All college-sponsored international travel is suspended until further notice. All non-essential college-sponsored domestic travel is suspended until further notice. Essential travel is defined as travel that is absolutely necessary to fulfill the current priorities of the college, can only be completed by the traveler’s physical presence, and does not introduce significant potential for an unacceptable health hazard. The details for any domestic travel being considered prior to April 13 should be emailed to campushealth@hope.edu for approval.

These restrictions do not apply to personal travel. However, you are strongly encouraged to anticipate potential travel issues that could include delays and require self-quarantine upon return. Be aware that, as the outbreak develops, Hope’s travel restrictions may change. The Steering Committee plans to revisit the issue of travel frequently, so watch for updates in Campus Health emails.

Changing Your Travel Plans

If you're registered for a conference and need to cancel, you will not lose the professional development funds that have been spent on registration fees, flights, hotels, etc. The college will reimburse your pro dev funds to the respective college account; a process for requesting reimbursement is in development.

If your position requires frequent travel: Please connect directly with your supervisor to discuss your options.

Personal Travel

If you are planning personal travel, please be aware of the evolving conditions.