Dr. Kevin Kambo

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Since he joined the Hope faculty in 2018, Dr. Kambo’s courses have included Ancient Philosophy, The Invention of Mercy, Wrath and Its Ruins, Philosophy of Technology, and the senior philosophy capstone course, Love and Fear in Plato. He coordinates the department's speaker series and is also the faculty member of the student literary club The Order of the Broken Table.

He is a member of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, the International Plato Society and El Círculo Newman.


Dr. Kambo is an expert in the history of philosophy, with particular interest in moral psychology in the classical and patristic eras. His recent work focuses on Plato and Augustine of Hippo, as well as with bringing ancient sources to bear in contemporary debates on the natures and roles of technology and liberal education in human life.

He is presently working on a project on Plato’s Phaedo on the various meanings of death and how the practice of philosophy is a preparation for facing one’s demise.


  • Ph.D., philosophy, The Catholic University of America, 2018
  • M.A., philosophy, The Catholic University of America, 2014
  • B.S., chemistry, Stanford University, 2008


  • Towsley Research Scholar, Hope College, 2021–2025


  • “Cephalus: A Quotidian Case for Chastity in Republic I,” in Contemporary Sexual Ethics: Is There Still a Secular Virtue of Chastity?, edited by Eric Silverman, Routledge (forthcoming)
  • “Theories of Divine Punishment in Augustine’s De civitate Dei,” Studia Patristica (forthcoming)
  • “Socratic Rhetoric: Elenchus, Myth and Self-Disclosure in Plato’s Gorgias,” Acta Philosophica (forthcoming)


  • “Death and Drama: Socrates’ Last Days and the Phaedo’s Final Argument,” presentation at Philosophy and Mathematics: Performance, Text and External Representations in Ancient Greek Cultural Practices conference, University of San Francisco Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies, 2020
  • “Great Books contra Critical Thinking,” presentation at III European Liberal Arts and Core Texts Education Conference, Spain, 2019
  • “Newman’s Two Ideas of a Mind,” presentation at La educación liberal en John Henry Newman, Spain, 2019
  • “Helming to Weaving: Plato’s Evolving Science of Statecraft,” presentation at USF Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies conference Sex, Gender and Science in Ancient Greece, 2019


Dr. Kambo is noted for his devotion to P. G. Wodehouse, the original Star Wars trilogy and ambivalence about the Oxford comma. He is dogmatic about how toilet paper ought to be installed. He loves to receive postcards, and (thus?) encourages students to study abroad during their time at Hope College.

Dr. Kevin Kambo

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