Paola Muñoz has been with the Office of Admissions since January 2016.    


  • B.A, psychology with a minor in Spanish, Hope College, 2011   

Professional Experience

After graduating from Hope College in 2011, Paola stayed on campus for a year as the office coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Education, where she had worked for three years as a student.  Afterward, she worked at the Children's After School Achievement (CASA) program for a few months as the summer program coordinator. After leaving Hope College, she moved to Japan to teach English for 3.5 years. Now, she’s back on this wonderful campus!

Why I Love Hope

Hope is a caring community, both in and out of the classroom. As a student, Paola always felt that the faculty and staff went above and beyond to help students accomplish their goals and fulfill their needs. Having returned to campus as a staff member, she would say this hasn’t changed: Not only faculty and staff, but also students and members of the Holland community give off that strong sense of family and community.

Paola also loves Hope for giving her several opportunities — undergraduate research, attending conferences, bringing guest speakers to campus, participating in student groups — to grow and challenge herself into becoming the strong person she is today.

Favorite Hope College Memory

The biggest highlight of Paola’s experience as a Hope student was the Japan May term program. Although she’s been interested in cultures and visiting other countries since she was a child, it didn’t really become a reality until that trip. (Previously, Paola had only been to Mexico to visit family.) The May term trip furthered her curiosity to explore the world more, but also to explore who she is as a person. It showed her what her true strengths are, and it taught her to accept her weakness and that it's okay to go with the flow and not have everything planned out to the second. Paola was in the middle of transitioning career goals at this time and felt like she was in complete dissonance with herself. The people she met through the trip also played a big part in making the experience a highlight. She remains thankful for their support and friendship.   

Outside the College

One of Paola’s favorite pastimes is traveling — she loves sightseeing and learning about other cultures. As a child, she always dreamed about visiting Japan and Italy. She accomplished half of her goal by visiting and later living in Japan, but her list of countries to visit has gotten longer as she’s gotten older.

In addition, Paola really feels like she’s in her element when she’s out in nature, whether hiking, running or just taking a nice stroll on her own or with friends.

Her other passions include reading, baking, craft-making, attending performances and watching foreign movies and dramas.

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