Zilong Zheng began working for Admissions in December 2014. His responsibilities include assisting in analyzing marketing opportunities for both the admissions and development offices, developing strategies and opportunities for international recruitment and the alumni network, growing Hope’s awareness and reputation internationally (especially in Asia) and identifying and analyzing ways that will help admissions reps recruit international students. He is in charge of recruiting in both domestic and international territories, but China is his main focus.


  • B.A., business management and psychology, Hope College, 2014

Why I love Hope

Zilong didn’t know there was a place called Holland, Michigan, until he found out about Hope College. He feels Hope is unique because it is a place where you can challenge yourself through rigorous academic programs and develop your personal identity by interacting with people from various backgrounds, all while having a sense of community and belonging. He understands that you can easily find each of these attributes in other places, but you will never experience a combination of all the attributes unless you are at Hope.

Outside the college

Zilong is fascinated by ideas and loves to dream. He enjoys traveling and meeting people from all over the world. He also appreciates food and loves to cook.

He originally came to the United States as an international high school student from China in 2008. He studied abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia during his junior year at Hope. He was also a George F. Baker Scholar and a Phelps Scholar during his time as a student.

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