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Computer Lab Resources

The Frost Center computer lab has resources for faculty, staff and student research. From design and implementation of a survey instrument to the collection and analysis of data, the Frost Center has software to assist at each step of the way.

While we have software for programming phone surveys (Ci3), most faculty and student research projects use a paper or web-based format. Data Block’s Magenta is a software program that allows the user to create customized machine-scannable “bubble form” questionnaires, which can later be sent through an optical mark reader scanner to have their data read and compiled. RemarkOMR is used to communicate to the scanner where questions are located on the paper, and what variable names and values to apply for each mark. Web-based surveys are easily created and implemented using RemarkWeb.

SPSS is the main statistical package used by the Frost Center, and the program with which we have the greatest expertise. We have available two other general statistical packages for use: SYSTAT and Minitab. Specialized software for structural equation modeling (AMOS), modeling population segments (AnswerTree), open ended response analysis (Nudist) and geographic based analysis and presentation (ArcGIS) are also on hand.

As much as our time constraints and knowledge base allow, Frost Center staff assist visiting users with the various software packages.