Hope Forward: Accessibility

Photo of Hope Forward: Accessibility

Being transformed by Hope should not come with a price tag.

Nationwide, the cost of college tuition is getting higher every year, putting higher education out of reach for many students and families. 

At Hope, we want to see the financial barrier of paying — or borrowing for — tuition eliminated for every student.

“The opportunity to be transformed by Hope should not be dependent on a family’s net worth or what zip code a student grows up in.”

Removing barriers to attending college is also one way Hope is pursuing justice and our Christian mission.

Studies show that attending college is the great equalizer: Whether a student comes from a low-income background or a high-income background, graduates from the same college essentially have the same earnings potential.[1] That means attending college is a key to solving income inequality.

A large portion of low-income students don’t attend colleges they are qualified for because of the “sticker shock” of the high tuition price. Even if they’re eligible for high financial aid, the high price tag deters them from even applying. By removing the high price tag, Hope will make a college education truly accessible.


1 Raj Chetty, Harvard University