Hope Forward: Community

Photo of Hope Forward: Community

Hope Forward will transform our relationship with students and alumni.

The current financial model of higher education is based on a transactional relationship between colleges and their students. Today’s students are essentially customers who pay for a service.

Hope Forward will turn this model on its head.

Hope Forward will emphasize that students and alumni are part of a learning community that begins the moment they step on campus and long after graduation. Instead of a transactional relationship where students pay their bills and receive a degree in return, students enter a lifelong partnership with the college, actively connected to our learning community for the rest of their lives.

Given the rapidly changing demands of the workplace in the 21st century, Hope will continue to emphasize that alumni remain a part of that community. In today’s world of rapid change, lifelong learning has never been more important. With this model, students sign up to attend college, not just for four years but for a lifelong relationship.