Hope Forward: Generosity

Photo of Hope Forward: Generosity

Graduates give out of gratitude for the gift they have received.

In emphasizing generosity and gratitude, Hope Forward aligns Hope’s business model with our values as a Christian college.

The God we serve says throughout the Bible that he blesses giving in a way that he doesn’t bless paying the bills.

Hope Forward is built around the center of the Gospel message, which says, “You are covered. Now, go and live differently.” 

During their four years at Hope, students will explore what it means to bring hope to the world through a lens of generosity and gratitude. Both as beneficiaries of others’ philanthropy and as generous givers themselves, students will be prepared to bring these values to the communities of their future.

When alumni give to Hope after graduation, they are “paying it forward” out of gratitude for the gift they have received and unlocking generational impact and transformation for the students coming after them.