Liaison Librarians

Liaison librarians work directly with faculty and students in specific academic departments.

Each department appoints one person from the department to serve as a representative to the library. This person oversees the development of the library collection in that department or discipline and coordinates the department’s budget allocation.

Subject Liaison Librarian Department Representative
Art Jessica Hronchek Heidi Kraus
Biology Dave O’Brien Joseph Stukey
Chemistry Dave O’Brien Kenneth Brown
Communication Todd Wiebe Sarah Kornfield
Computer Science Brian Yost Charles Cusack
Dance Jessica Hronchek Stephanie Brumels
Economics and Business Rachel Bishop Brian Porter
Education Todd Wiebe Jane Finn
Engineering Dave O’Brien Miguel Abrahantes
English Michael DeNotto Peter Schakel
Geological & Environmental Sciences Dave O’Brien Ed Hansen
History Michael DeNotto Albert Bell
IDS Jeremy Barney Curtis Gruenler
Kinesiology Todd Wiebe Tonia Gruppen
Mathematics Dave O’Brien Yew-Meng Koh
Modern & Classical Languages Michael DeNotto Pauline Remy
Music Jessica Hronchek Huw Lewis
Nursing Todd Wiebe Tricia Kragt
Philosophy Michael DeNotto Joseph La Porte
Physics Dave O’Brien Paul De Young
Political Science Todd Wiebe Virginia Beard
Psychology Rachel Bishop Sonja Trent-Brown
Religion Michael DeNotto Wayne Brouwer
Sociology & Social Work Rachel Bishop Pamela Koch
Theatre Jessica Hronchek Daina Robins
Women's and Gender Studies Jenifer Holman Virginia Beard