Enjoy a specialized computer lab that supports academic technology projects and assists with digital content creation.

Students using the TechLab

The TechLab is open during library hours. It is located on the second floor of Van Wylen Library, next to the Media Services area.

Staff includes TechLab Supervisor Daphne Fairbanks and six trained student tutors.

Scanning, Printing and Digitization
  • Scan documents, photos, slides and filmstrips
  • Edit scanned documents with OCR
  • Assistance with the Indus book scanner
  • Color printing from the TechLab computers
  • Create and print posters
  • Edit jobs for printing at Campus Print and Mail Services
Photo Editing and Design
  • Edit images using Adobe Photoshop software
  • Convert to different file types
Video Editing and Design
  • Begin a video project
  • Upload videos from a camera
  • Convert video files
  • Edit videos in iMovie
  • Export videos to iDVD
  • Create a finished DVD
Education Department Support
  • Upload pictures and documents to Chalk & Wire
  • Assistance with Inspiration
Access to the Audio Visual Project Room
  • MacBook Pro
  • iLife Suite and Final Cut Pro Express
  • Snowball microphone for recording purposes

Equipment in the Audio Visual Project Room