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Secrets of the MightyFind

The MightyFind is a discovery tool that sits on top of Van Wylen Library’s resources, providing a single search box experience for a large amount of library content. This allows you to search print and electronic books, full-text article databases, Digital Commons, ContentDM and open access repositories like the HathiTrust — all at one time.

Why the MightyFind is So Great
  • The MightyFind is fun
  • It’s a great starting point for searching all types of library content
  • It links directly to full-text resources
  • It’s easy to refine your search by format, discipline or date
  • It suggests other subject-specific tools for continuing your research
Basic Search Tips
  • Use quotations marks around words that you want searched as a phrase (for example, “liberal arts”)
  • Use Boolean Operators AND, OR and NOT — unlike in other library tools, these words must be CAPITALIZED in your search
  • Use wildcards, which are symbols that can make your search more powerful
The Joy of Facets
Once you have done your initial search, you can easily focus your results using the refining facets in the left-hand menu. You can limit to particular content types (like books or articles), narrow by date range or only look at content available electronically.
Advanced Search

Advanced Search lets you do more detailed searching of records and also allows you to include/exclude common groups of materials (like peer-reviewed publications).

You can search particular fields using the format “field:(query)”:

  • Language:(French) will find items in French
  • Author:(Augustine) will find items written by Augustine
  • PublicationTitle:(Journal of Health Psychology) will find items published in this journal
  • Searchable fields include:
    • Title
    • SubjectTerms
    • Author
    • Publisher
    • PublicationTitle
    • Volume
    • Issue
    • Language
    • Notes
    • ISBN
    • ISSN
    • DOI
    • DEWEY
Other Tools to Try
The MightyFind searches a lot of resources, but it doesn’t find all of the library’s available content. For more exhaustive research, use subject specific databases, individual journals, the library catalog and our course guides.

We continue to work to make the MightyFind a satisfying search experience. If you run into problems, let us know through the feedback form you find in the MightyFind itself, or send us an email. And if there’s a librarian online, you can chat with us while you’re searching. We’ll be able to talk you through the problem right away.