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FYS and the Library: Fall 2020

An introduction to the library and college-level research has long been a required component of FYS.

This typically takes place in the form of a full 50-minute in-person class session, but as you can probably imagine, our FYS offerings will be a bit different this year.

So, here's the scoop:

  • In lieu of the traditional "Intro to the library and information literacy" in-class session, librarians are preparing two asynchronous interactive tutorials that will cover:

    1. Van Wylen Library and its various services/spaces
    2. A basic intro to searching and navigating Hope Primo (the library's main search tool)

    The tutorials have embedded quizzes, and upon completion students will submit their results for you to see. How you factor these tutorials into your grading is completely up to you.

    (NOTE: consider the tutorials as being "required" in the same way that the class session normally would be)

  • In addition to the tutorials, we highly encourage you to have a librarian visit your class in real-time (either in-person or remotely) just to say "hi" and field some Q&A that might arise from the tutorials. This would be just a short, 10-15 minute thing. If you would like to set this up, please contact Patti Carlson (carlsonp@hope.edu) who will set you up with a librarian.

All that to say…

Several of us will be available to do a traditional 50-minute in-class session like in the past (adjusted for distancing, etc.). If you would like to forego the tutorials and schedule a class session, please contact Patti Carlson (carlsonp@hope.edu) and a librarian will be in touch shortly after.