The panel discussion "Providing a Voice: Community Issues Abroad and at Home" will take place at Hope College on Tuesday, March 27, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Maas Center auditorium.

The public is invited. Admission is free.

The event is being organized to bring awareness for migrants, refugees, children, women and other populations facing issues today. The panel will consist of speakers addressing a variety of topics.

Scheduled participants include Bob McDonald, who will discuss providing clean water in developing nations; Gail Harrison of the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance, who will present information on migrants; and Jason Fileta of the Micah Network, an organization designed to promote awareness of social problems. Other topics to be discussed include human trafficking, women's issues and child soldiers (Invisible Children) from Uganda. Dr. Fred Johnson of the college's history faculty will mediate the panel.

Sponsoring organizations include the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance; the Amnesty International, Hope's Asian Perspective Association and Justice League student organizations at the college; and the college's offices of international education and multicultural life.

The Maas Center is located at 264 Columbia Ave., at the intersection of Columbia and 11th Street.