Several Hope College faculty and students made presentations during the 116th Conference of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters, held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids on Friday, March 26.

The event featured approximately 375 presenters in 26 sections.  The participants from Hope included faculty and students in education, French, the geological and environmental sciences, and political science.

° Dr. Jane Finn, assistant professor of education, senior Amy Palmer of Vicksburg and senior Jared Graybiel of Lebanon, Ind., presented "Were Implementations Successful?  The Second Year of the Friendship House."

° Nancy L. Cook, associate professor of education and director of student teaching, and senior Cassie J. Sneller of Holland made a poster presentation titled "Rhyme or Reason?  Reading in the Elementary Special Education Program."

° Dr. Isabelle Chapuis-Alvarez, assistant professor of French, organized and chaired the session on Topics in Literature titled « Écritures de soi de l'aube du XXème siècle à nos jours » ("Life Writings from the 20th Century until today"), during which the three students gave presentations.

° Senior Amy Kamps of Muskegon presented "Biographie, autobiographie et témoignage sur les camps de concentration: 'Maus' d'Art Spiegelman et 'Si c'est un homme' de Primo Levi." ("Biography, Autobiography and Concentration Camp Testimonial: 'Maus' by Art Spiegelman and 'Si c'est un homme' by Primo Levi.")

° Senior Natalie DeGeorge of St. Clair Shores presented "La bande dessinée: un medium acceptable pour un récit de vie? 'Persépolis' de Marjane Satrapi et 'Le Photographe' d'Emmanuel Guibert et Didier Lefèvre."  ("The graphic novel: an acceptable medium for recounting one's life? 'Persépolis' by Marjane Satrapi and 'Le Photographe' by Emmanuel Guibert and Didier Lefèvre.")

° Junior Lauren Clack of Grand Rapids presented "Les crimes d'honneur dénoncés grâce aux récits de vie: 'Brûlée vive' de Souad et 'Défigurée' de Rania Al-Baz" ("Testimonies from the victims of honor crimes: 'Burned Alive' by Souad and 'Disfigured' by Rania Al-Baz.")

° Dr. Isabelle Chapuis-Alvarez also made a presentation titled "Qui a peur du grand méchant 'Nook'?: la lecture traditionnelle est-elle en danger?" ("Who is afraid of the Big Bad 'Nook'?: is the art of reading in danger?") during the session on Culture and Pedagogy.

° Dr. Brian E. Bodenbender, associate professor of geology and environmental science and chairperson of the department, presented "Quantification of Sand Movement in Lake Michigan Coastal Dunes Using Close-Range Digital Photogrammetry."

° Dr. Edward Hansen, professor of geology and environmental science, presented "Paleoliminology of a Peat Bog in South Central Allegan County."

° Senior Stephanie Bogema of Kalamazoo and Dr. Virginia Parish Beard, assistant professor of political science, presented "The Intersection of Religion and Gender Upon Peace and Conflict in Africa: Female Empowerment and Religious Affiliation in Post-Genocide Rwanda."

Based at Alma College, the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters is a regional professional organization that facilitates scholarly exchange through annual meetings and a journal of outstanding papers and news about research at Michigan colleges and universities.

Over half of the Academy's current members are faculty and students of supporting Michigan colleges and universities. Others include independent scholars, scholars from other states, and people engaged in relevant research in business and government.

The Academy's primary activities are the annual meetings, usually held in March and hosted by one of its member institutions, and the publication of the "Academician."