Ten Hope College athletic teams have received the 2010-11 GPA Team Award from the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA).

The MIAA Team GPA Award is presented to conference teams that achieve a 3.300 or better grade point average for an entire academic year. This program is administered by the Faculty-Athletic Representatives (FARs) of the MIAA member colleges. The FARs at Hope College are Lynne Hendrix, professor of accountancy, and Dr. Mark Pearson, assistant professor of mathmetics.

Hope teams receiving the award and the coach of that team were: men's tennis, 3.673 (Steve Gorno); volleyball, 3.627 (Becky Schmidt); women's swimming & diving, 3.623 (John Patnott); women's tennis, 3.604 (Nate Price); women's cross country, 3.541 (Mark Northuis); women's track & field, 3.484 (Kevin Cole); women's soccer, 3.453 (Leigh Sears); women's basketball, 3.360 (Brian Morehouse); women's golf, 3.347 (Greg Stafford); and softball, 3.315 (Mary Vande Hoef).

The women's cross country team, coached by Dr. Mark Northuis, has the distinction of receiving the honor all 13 years since the award program was instituted in 1998-99.