Hope College honored faculty and staff members for service, academic achievement and professional involvement on Friday, Jan. 15, during the Faculty Recognition Reception coordinated by the Provost’s Office and held at the Maas Center auditorium.

The event has succeeded the recognition luncheon previously held on the Monday before the start of spring-semester classes. Because of a change in the academic calendar, classes now start on Monday (Jan. 11 this year).

facultyHope presented awards to 10 members of the faculty and staff.  Named a Towsley Research Scholar was Lauren Janes (History).  The Janet L. Andersen Awards for Excellence in Teaching were presented to Jack Mulder (Philosophy) and Jeanne Petit (History). The Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Awards were presented to Jeff Johnson (Chemistry) and Becky Schmidt (Kinesiology). The Faculty Technology faculty
Innovation Award was presented to Heidi Kraus (Art and Art History).  The Provost’s Awards for Service to the Academic Program were presented to Maria Burnatowska-Hledin (Biology and
Chemistry) and Cristina Ivey (Provost’s Office). The Motoichiro Oghimi Global Courage Award was presented to Deirdre Johnston (Communication) and John Yelding (Education).  Descriptions of the awards follow at the end of this document.

The college honored 12 members of the faculty for five-year service anniversaries beginning at two decades—combined service totaling 315 years.  Honored for 40 years of service was Susan Cherup (Education). Honored for 30 years of service were Jim Allis (Philosophy), Dean Kreps (Kinesiology), Greg Murray (Biology) and Kathy Winnett-Murray (Biology). Recognized for 25 years of service were Michelle Bombe (Theatre), David O’Brien (Van Wylen Library) and Daina Robins (Theatre). Honored for 20 years of service were Brian Bodenbender (Geological and Environmental Sciences), Janis Gibbs (History), Yooyeun Hwang (Education) and Andy Nakajima (Modern and Classical Languages).

Acknowledged as authors and editors during the past year were: Susan Brondyk (Education), Wayne Brouwer (Religion), Berta Carrasco (Modern and Classical Languages), Ernest Cole (English), David Cunningham (CrossRoads, David J. Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing, and Religion), Jenny Everts (Religion), Jim Herrick (Communication), Lynn Japinga (Religion), Jack Mulder (Philosophy), David Myers (Psychology), Patrice Rankine (Dean for the Arts and Humanities, and Classics), Becky Schmidt (Kinesiology), Todd Swanson (Mathematics), Robert Swierenga (Van Raalte Institute) and Jill VanderStoep (Mathematics).

Honored for accomplishment as performing artists were: Matt Farmer (Dance), Daina Robins (Theatre) and Angie Yetzke (Dance). Recognized for their work as artists were Bruce McCombs (Art and Art History) and Katherine Sullivan (Art and Art History).

Recognized for achievements as coaches were: Bob Ebels (Men’s Golf), Adam Ford (Women’s Tennis), Kyle Morrison (Women’s Cross Country), Mark Northuis (Women’s Cross Country) and Greg Stafford (Women’s Golf).

Faculty honored for being named officers of professional associations were: Michelle Bombe (Theatre), Leah Chase (Biology and Chemistry), Matt Farmer (Dance), Stu Fritz (Kinesiology), Jonathan Hagood (History), Anne Heath Wiersma (Art and Art History), Anne Larsen (Modern and Classical Languages), William Pannapacker (English), Paul Pearson (Mathematics), Deb VanDuinen (Education) and Daryl VanTongeren (Psychology).

Faculty recognized for completing their doctorates were: Flora Chuang (Modern and Classical Languages), Tato Gyulamiryan (Modern and Classical Languages), Kyle Morrison (Kinesiology), Pauline Remy (Modern and Classical Languages), Brian Rider (Kinesiology) and Kelley Young (Chemistry).  Faculty recognized for receiving honors and awards were: Claudine André (Modern and Classical Languages), Michelle Bombe (Theatre), Jim DeBoer (Music), Emilie Dykstra Goris (Nursing), Natalie Dykstra (English), Christina Hornbach (Music), Eric Mann (Mathematics), David Myers (Psychology), William Pannapacker (English), Jonathan Peterson (Geological and Environmental Sciences) and Sonja Trent-Brown (Psychology).

Several faculty and staff were honored as recipients of grants and fellowships: Beth Anderson (Chemistry), Claudine André (Modern and Classical Languages), Barry Bandstra (Religion, and Academic Computing), Steve Bouma-Prediger (Religion), Peter Boumgarden (Economics, Management and Accounting), Susan Ipri Brown (Engineering), Ken Brown (Chemistry), Tom Bultman (Biology), Annie Dandavati (Political Science), Jim DeBoer (Music), Matt DeJongh (Computer Science), Emilie Dykstra Goris (Nursing), Sarah Estelle (Economics, Management and Accounting), Mark Husbands (Religion), Kelly Jacobsma (Van Wylen Library), Jeff Johnson (Chemistry), Deirdre Johnston (Communication), Eric Mann (Mathematics), Charles Mason (Kruizenga Art Museum), Mike Misovich (Engineering), Patrick Morgan (Van Wylen Library), Kyle Morrison (Kinesiology), Graham Peaslee (Chemistry), Jeanne Petit (History), Mike Pikaart (Chemistry), Katharine Polasek (Engineering), Jeff Polet (Political Science), Julia Randel (Music), Steve Remillard (Physics), Justin Shorb (Chemistry), Matthew Smith (Engineering), Sonja Trent-Brown (Psychology), Deb VanDuinen (Education), Daryl VanTongeren (Psychology), David Van Wylen (Dean for the Natural and Applied Sciences, and Biology), Roger Veldman (Engineering), Barbara Vincensi (Nursing), Vicki Voskuil (Nursing) and Brian Yurk (Mathematics).  

The Towsley Research Scholars Program is funded through an endowment made possible through a grant from the Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation of Midland. Through the program, newer Hope faculty members receive support for a project for four years. The foundation’s awards to the college have also included grants for the construction of the Van Wylen Library and the Schaap Science Center, faculty development in the pre-medical sciences and support for an endowed chair in communication.

The Janet L. Andersen Excellence in Teaching Awards are presented to faculty members who have been teaching at Hope for at least seven years and who have demonstrated recognizable excellence in specific activities or aspects of teaching. The award is named in memory of Dr. Janet Andersen, a professor of mathematics at Hope who died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2005.

The Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Awards recognize members of the Hope faculty who are superior teachers and have also contributed significantly in some other area of professional life. The award was established in memory of Dr. Ruth Yzenbaard Reed, a 1965 Hope graduate who was associate dean of Macomb Community College. Reed died in August 1999 at age 55.

The Faculty Technology Innovation Award is presented to a faculty member who exemplifies innovation and ingenuity in the application of technology to the academic program.  The innovation may have been used in the classroom or out, in teaching or in research, or in any form of academic support or performance.

The Provost’s Award for Service to the Academic Program is presented to individuals who have provided special contributions to the academic program through student academic support, general education, assessment work, implementation of programs that support/enhance the curriculum, and any activity outside of formal teaching that contributes to the overall excellence of the academic program.

The Motoichiro Oghimi Global Courage Award is presented to individuals who exhibit the intercultural courage exemplified by Motoichiro Oghimi, a member of the college’s Class of 1879 who came from Japan as one of Hope’s first international students.  It is given to faculty or academic staff members who exemplify deep engagement with the part of the college’s mission that calls for preparing students for leadership and service in a global society; bold risk-taking in creating new ways and opportunities to help students engage with other people, places and cultures; and engagement in global initiatives that go above and beyond their normal responsibilities.