The Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Hope College has presented several awards to members of the graduating class.

The awards are normally announced during the college’s annual Senior Recognition and Women of Color celebration, a dinner hosted by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion in collaboration with Student Development.  However, because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event, which was scheduled for April 8, was canceled, as were all Hope events for the remainder of the semester following the March 13-22 spring break.

The awards and recipients are:

Global Awareness and Involvement Award:

  • Lisa Abraham
  • Cherish Joe
  • Rebeca Masís Cubero
  • Fadi Nshimiyimana
  • Heaven Silas

Diversity and Inclusion Award:

  • Brandon Fuller
  • Efraín Garduño-Salazar
  • Halla Maas
  • Cindy Nguyen
  • Lesly Sanchez

Extra Mile Award:

  • Denisse López
  • Julián Lugo
  • David Wang

Excellence in Scholarship Award:

  • Mitchel Achien’g
  • Brandon Fuller
  • Cherish Joe
  • Rebeca Masís Cubero
  • Saira Navarrete
  • Mercedes Rede
  • Bianca Reyes
  • Monica Teuthorn
  • Emily Wolfe
  • Rodrigo Zavala-Cintora

Student Leadership, Service and Advocacy Award:

  • Brittany Henkin
  • Savannah Myers Moore
  • Nancy Sierra
  • Alondra Villanueva
  • Rodrigo Zavala-Cintora

Christ-Centered Award:

  • Hannah Baird
  • Julián Lugo

In addition to featuring the awards announcements, the celebration recognizes all graduating students of color and includes testimonials by outstanding senior students reflecting on their experiences at Hope College.  The students chosen to speak this year were Brittany Henkin, Rebeca Masís Cubero, Savannah Myers Moore and Emily Wolfe.