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2018 May

  1. Designers To Watch Out For In 2018: John Praveen Ganta


    One only has to catch a glimpse of John Praveen Ganta’s work to know that it is entrenched in magical realism. Pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Hope College opened John up to a range of subjects ranging from philosophy and psychology to music and fine arts.

  2. Arts

    Retrospective Exhibition “In Memory: The Art of Billy Mayer” to Open at the Kruizenga Art Museum on May 29

    A new exhibition opening at the Hope College Kruizenga Art Museum on Tuesday, May 29, provides a retrospective look at the artistic career of Hope College art professor Billy Mayer, who passed away unexpectedly at age 64 in November 2017. “In Memory: The Art of Billy Mayer” includes examples of Mayer’s work in a broad range of artistic genres, from ceramics and metal sculpture to collages, photographs and mixed-media installation pieces.

2018 Apr

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