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2018 May

2018 Mar

  1. Academics

    Sander de Haan: Multi-Lingual, Multi-Talented

    Dr. Sander de Haan is not a man who can be easily pinned down, even though he’s remained in one spot for 39 years. His willingness and ability to serve, to fill a need, to lead a cause, to be a steadfast hand on whatever wheel — these talents have actually made him elusive of a singular descriptor or solitary title for almost four decades at Hope and, actually, for his entire life.

  2. academics

    Visiting the Sahara*


    Last weekend we all packed a bag, piled into the bus and drove 4.5 hours to the desert (plus a couple of pit stops for juice and a bathroom). At a gas station just on the edge of where the desert began we switched into four-wheeled vehicles and went off through the dunes, past some … Continue reading Visiting the Sahara*

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