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Worship Arts

Pursue a path in worship arts at Hope College.

Hope College offers the following degree programs in music and worship arts:

  • B.A. major in music with a minor in ministry studies
  • B.A. composite major in worship arts (combines minor in music and a minor in ministries studies)

There is great need in the church today for worship leaders. Many churches are creating satellite churches who need part-time and full-time leaders for worship arts.

By virtue of its name, worship arts encompasses the areas of art, dance, drama and music. However, this degrees at Hope will focus primarily on the musical and theological aspects of worship. Churches in today’s world have diverse and intentional needs. Field experiences can take place in contemporary, traditional and blended worship settings.

Students who graduate from Hope College with this degree will have the diverse skills and abilities that are in great need in churches across the globe. Therefore these graduates will be shaping the future of worship and worship music in the church.

The many career possibilities include: 

  • Worship leader
  • Director of worship arts
  • Minister of music
  • Teacher of private lessons

Because the worship arts composite major at Hope College is intended for students interested in careers in worship leadership and related fields, the program of study is interdisciplinary and combines two minors: the music minor and the studies in ministry minor. Together, these two minors will constitute the B.A. composite major in worship arts.

Every student has different musical and ministry gifts and interests and some of the courses recommended will be determined by the student’s musical and ministry passions and gifts.