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Digital Badge Initiative

Critical Thinking Digital BadgeCritical Thinking Badge

Employers are looking for candidates who can think critically to solve complex, ambiguous challenges — but few college graduates have the critical thinking skills required by today's workforce.
To address this skills gap, Hope College's program develops and assesses critical thinking skills through an innovative, rigorously vetted process. Students learn to think critically in any setting, and they actively engage in ongoing analysis, interpretation and evaluation.

More information on the next offering of our Critical Thinking digital badge initiative will be available in spring 2021.


  • Opportunity to build critical thinking skills through a series of readings, videos and exercises
  • Flexibility: Work on the critical thinking project in a self-paced fashion online
  • Gain greater confidence and ability in your critical thinking skills
  • Develop more effective presentation skills in addressing critical thinking in the interview process
    • Approximately 14 total hours of work
    • Average pass rate of 80% in program
    • Access and use of Hope email and Moodle
    • Junior or senior class standing
    • All majors welcome — no previous work/internship experience needed
    • Enthusiastic students with an open mind
    • Complete this online application by Thursday, February 25
    • Students will be selected based on the strength of their application


Hire candidates who have the ability to:

  • Analyze the way they think (self-corrective thinking)
  • Make clearer connections across disciplines
  • Provide an effective, independ assessment of a problem/situation, ensuring better decision-making
  • Clearly exhibit critical thinking in their work
  • Adapt and thrive in a constantly changing work environment

“Critical thinking is foundational to effective leadership in any organization. The ability to discern informative from peripheral information, synthesize key data and combine it with courage to make strategic decisions, is a distinguishing attribute of all successful leader... The liberal arts education is a great laboratory to develop and hone these skills.”
Doug Peterson
Former VP of Human Resources
Shape Corporation