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Affinity Groups

Gather with students asking the same faith questions as you.

Thursdays, 9–10 p.m.
January 25–March 8

Maas Auditorium & Conference Room

Affinity groups

Affinity groups are weekly gatherings of students who are asking similar questions about the Christian faith. Whether you’re a Christian or non-Christian, religious or non-religious, you decide which 7-week group to attend. Both groups will address various issues that college students are wondering about or facing.

No need to register, you're welcome to come any week that works with your schedule!

First Step

Led by James Ellis

Are you curious about the Christian faith, but don’t know where to start because it seems too foreign or complicated? Or, maybe although you have surrendered to Jesus you could use more clarity about what following him looks like. If any of this sounds like you, even just a little, then come to all or a few of the sessions for First Step: #faithINJESUS

Next Step

Led by Lauren & Derek Taylor

The Bible is, arguably, the most famous book the world has ever seen. But, the Bible can be really confusing, and at times, reading it can cause us to question some of our deepest held convictions about life, faith, and God. So how do we read and listen to God's Word well? If you are at a place in your faith where you want to take the Next Step, come listen and learn a little more about Scripture and prayer.