Locations are available for both spring break and summer immersion trips.    

“I love that Hope calls them ‘Immersion Trips’ because we were immersed in every way possible. I learned more than ever that God uses broken people to advance his kingdom. When I felt the weakest, He shows up the most. I can trust him because he is the strong and faithful one.” Rachel Gillespie ’19

Spring Break National Trips 

Bayshore Christian Ministries, California
Bayshore california tripTheme: Education in Urban Ministry

Bayshore Christian Ministries (BCM) has been impacting the youth and families in the East Palo Alto community for 25 years. As a part of this team, you will have an opportunity to work with a full-time, year round, urban ministry that focuses on the youth of the community — their spiritual growth and their education. Through classroom visits at local schools, participating in the BCM tutoring program and hearing from leaders in education from the community, you will explore the ways that race and economics are impacting access to an quality education in this country — and what Christians are called to do about it. This trip will include flights for travel rather than solely ground transportation.

“My faith expanded by realizing, in more ways than one, how big of a God we serve. He works through every culture, every language and every socioeconomic status.” Karyn Schmidt ’18

Center for Student Missions – Nashville, Tennessee
tennessee-trip-2015Theme: Urban Ministry, Homelessness, Housing and Food

You are invited to come be a part of the work God is doing in Nashville by working alongside and supporting the efforts of people doing long-term ministry here, learning and gaining an understanding of the issues in Nashville, and being available to God and the opportunities placed before you. You will have opportunity to engage with staff and community members during the week.

“I was given the opportunity to recognize that everyone has a story no matter what their ethicity or economic status. We are all brothers and sisters and we are called to love one another no matter what the circumstance.” —Rachel Wightman ’19

Chicago Urban Outreach, Illinois – Women only

Chicago Integral Mission TripA portion of this trip will be dedicated to serving in an after-school program, SafePlace, that is committed to loving those who are at risk in the community. They do this by providing holistic, God centered-oriented programs and by functioning as a bridge for the community to the local church for the purpose of growth and multiplied reconciliation.

*This is an all-female trip.

“I believe this trip re-lit a fire in me for kids. Because of this trip, I am hoping to someday possibly work with kids.” —Emily Gaddis ’16

Door, Florida 
Door Miami Trip 2015Theme: Urban diversity and Justice in the city

Bienvenido a Miami — arguably the United States’ most culturally diverse city. Students on this trip will be exposed to the broad range of people who call Miami home — from "Little Haiti" to South Beach — and learn how communities are living together, meeting their own needs and thriving amidst challenges like poverty, hunger, immigration and more. You'll do a lot of learning (hearing from experts about the strengths and complexities of Miami’s communities) as well as get involved in serving with local organizations (soup kitchens, immigration lawyers, housing shelters, tutoring programs and other community development initiatives). You'll bond with your group as you make the drive to Miami, then enjoy the fun of public transportation once you're there. Any student interested in immersing themselves in a new culture — right here in the US — will love this trip, full of insights about diversity, sustainable development and Christian ministry in an urban context.

“I learned that the Lord pursues all people, and my job in Miami was to serve how people needed to be served at the point they’re in, not just where I saw the need.” —Emily Hozian ’17

Emmaus Scholars Only, Washington D.C. 
Emmaus DC 2015Theme: Washington D.C.

This trip is available to Emmaus Scholars only.

“I was allowed to sit in the brokenness of the world — a brokenness that we don’t often get to see and touch in the same ways at Hope.” —Christin Bothe ’17

Greater Lakes Urban, Florida
Great Lakes Urban Orlando 2015Theme: Community Development ABCD Model

During our time in Orlando, we will immerse into an African American community. This trip has a strong emphasis on assessment development, understanding the difference between relief and development, immersion in a new culture, personal growth and forming a community. We also have a “fun day” planned either to the beach or some fresh water springs. It should be a ton of fun as well as impactful.

Site Host

The two organizational hosts will be the Well of Hope Community Church and The Polis Institute, which work throughout the Orlando area.

Housing Arrangements

The church is a large facility with plenty of space to house a large group. Students will need to bring their own bedding and air mattress if desired.

“I grew in understanding God’s perfect creation through my peers and student leaders. They changed my life and my outlook on justice, faith and love.” —Linnea Hjelm ’18

Holland Ministries and Nonprofit Organizations, Michigan
Holland Trip 2015Theme: Local Outreach including Homelessness/Poverty, Community Development, Immigration,and the Business Side of NonProfits

The Holland immersion trip is a chance to immerse right here in the city we love and know. Each day of the Holland trip focuses on a different theme. The Holland immersion trip is about growing local, serving local and immersing local. We will grow in our perspective on ministry and develop different lenses to see how Christ is working and providing hope in the midst of suffering and hardship. Look forward to exploring different cultural restaurants at night and getting to know each other. We look forward to exploring Holland with you and the unique perspective each person will bring to the week.

“Decorating sugar cookies with kids at the Holland Rescue Mission enabled us to love on them, while also getting to hear some of the families’ stories.” —Elizabeth Eader

Jackson County Ministries, Kentucky - Men only
Theme: Community Development & Youth

Jackson County Ministries is the heartbeat in this community in the Appalachian Mountains. Their approach to ministry is through holistic community development including education, youth programs, agricultural training, community center, family enrichment and more. We will be supporting the community through home rehabilitation for area residents in need. Projects include major and minor home rehabilitation and new home construction and additions. Home rehabilitation can include any aspect of repairing a home such as foundation work, porches, windows, roofs, siding, electrical, plumbing, flooring, etc. Other work, such as on-campus maintenance, will be assigned as necessary. There will also be potential for youth/children’s activities in the evenings.

*This is an all-male trip.  

“Having the opportunity to share stories each night and enjoy one another’s company was a great way to see the beauty and diversity of personality and interests in the Kingdom!” —Matt Wright ’16

Mile High Ministries, Colorado
colorado-trip-2015Theme: Poverty and Urban Ministry

Mile High Ministries envisions a city where families are transcending poverty, in part because churches and faith communities are helping in ways that are genuinely helpful and empowering. It is a city where communities are being led by those who were once labeled as least, last and lost. This vision draws its inspiration from scripture, which provides the breathtaking image of a city where those who were once poor now prosper, where children are no longer doomed to misfortune, and where unlikely partners live and work together in peace. This trip will include flights for travel rather than solely ground transportation.

“My faith was challenged and grew throughout the trip as a witness to such poverty and social injustice.” —Katerina Buck ’17

Reformed Church of Highland Park, New Jersey 
new-jersey-trip-2015Theme: City Restoration/Hurricane Sandy Recovery

When superstorm Sandy hit on October 29, 2012, life in New Jersey changed dramatically for people living in a 120-mile stretch along the Jersey Shore. Experts predict it will take 5–8 years for the communities to be fully restored. We will help with home repair and rebuilding in the hardest hit areas of Monmouth County. This could include ripping out walls, floors, carpets, insulation, spraying for mold, hanging sheet rock and cleaning up debris. This congregation has an Indonesian community and worship service. The church has a history of involvement in immigration and has provided support and assistance as many members established residency. There are fascinating stories to be told. You will be blessed as you engage in this community.

“I needed a faith refresher and this trip gave it to me. I feel more confident in my faith and in myself.” —Anne Trapani ’18

Rohoboth, New Mexico 
new-mexico-2015Theme: Multiculturalism, Education

Rohoboth ministers to the First Peoples of the Four Corners region. Today, Rehoboth continues it’s ministry through Christian education with multiculturalism as a backdrop, serving approximately 70% Native American students, 20% Anglo students, and 10% students of Hispanic descent and other ethnic minorities. Rehoboth is committed to building students up not only intellectually, but also spiritually and emotionally, helping them grow into mature Christians. This trip will have a multi-generational flavor — you’ll have the opportunity to hear community members’ stories along with times of engagement with children, teens, young adults, parents and grandparents. You will work alongside and support the efforts of people doing long-term ministry and gain an understanding of the Navajo people. You will also have the opportunity to participate in daily hiking in the area. This trip will include flights for travel rather than solely ground transportation. 

“The highlight of my trip was the group of students from Hope. We created such a great bond and are still friends. It is cool to have a spiritual connection with people on campus. My faith also expanded in the area of trusting God.” —Vanessa Moir ’18

I was able to experience a life in which I was fully immersed in prayer and God’s presence 24/7. It was a time of revival for my personal journey with God because I was simply filled with overflowing joy witnessing all his power and goodness. He took the broken pieces of our group and wove them together in order to further his kingdom in the Dominican Republic.” —Lindsey Gryniewicz ’17

Spring Break International Trips

Magdalena, Guatemala (Students International)
Theme: Relational, Occupational Ministry

Students International (SI) in Guatemala is a missions organization that consists of long term missionaries partnering with local communities. Its mission is to bring students and the poor together cross-culturally to encounter God, share the Good News, disciple and serve others in occupational ministries. During the week-long outreach you will live with a host family and will be placed to work alongside a staff member at one of SI’s various occupational ministry sites. This trip is focused on relationships and is meant to be a cultural, learning and growing experience. Spanish language skills can be useful but are not necessary!

Jamaica Mandeville
Theme: Caribbean Christian Centre for the deaf (CCCD)

The Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf is a ministry that cares for the deaf of Jamaica. CCCD strives to nourish the next generation of Christian leaders by instilling students with a firm foundation of education, language skills, vocational mentoring, and encouragement in their faith journey. CCCD promotes participation in the Gospel through worship, outreach, and community. Students on this trip will have the opportunity to learn and use sign language as they interact and build relationships with CCCD students. They will also immerse themselves in Jamaican culture through day excursions throughout the week.

Dominican Republic, Greek Life Only
Theme: Youth with a Mission

This trip is available to Greek Life students only.

“A highlight from my trip was watching my close friends grow in their faith as a result of this trip.” - Josh Augustine ’17

Dominican Republic, TIME Ministries
dominican-republic-trip-2015Theme: Community and Church Development

TIME has been partnering with national pastors and churches to change lives and bring hope through construction projects and discipleship programs. Whether you’re helping build a new church for villagers, or personally connecting one-on-one with nationals, we guarantee it will be an experience you will never forget.

“My faith was expanded through hearing testimonies of both our group and those of some of the people. It made me see just how huge God really is.” —Andrew Rot ’18