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Letter of Inquiry

A letter of inquiry is a cover letter that asks about possibilities for an internship or position.

A letter of inquiry may be used in a variety of cases, including when:

  • A job or internship is posted, and you would like to express interest and inquire about the availability of the same or similar opportunity at a future time (next semester, summer, etc.) that better fits your schedule
  • A networking contact has recommended an organization, and you would like to inquire about possibilities for an internship with the organization (include his or her name as a reference)



  • Full name, mailing address with zip code, email address and phone number
  • Date that you send the letter
  • Salutation that addresses an individual by name (may require web research or a phone call to the organization)


  • Introduction of yourself as a Hope College student with a ________ major inquiring about the availability of an internship experience at the organization
  • A one-sentence summation of how you identified the organization
  • Beginning date and time frame of your availability for work (summer, fall semester, etc.), as well as the number of hours per week available
  • Information that you are pursuing an internship for academic course credit, if applicable
  • An indication that you are pursuing an internship primarily for experience and are flexible with job responsibilities and compensation, if applicable


  • Information about your coursework and how the knowledge you have gained at Hope will benefit the organization (including computer skills and programs used in and out of the classroom)
  • Several sentences highlighting your previous experiences, including paid and unpaid work and volunteer positions, and how the skills gained from those experiences would benefit you


  • A reference to your enclosed resume that highlights your experience and provides contact information
  • A telephone number and email address that may be used to contact you with questions regarding your application
  • Information on when and how you will contact the letter reader to follow up
  • A standard closing statement such as “Sincerely,” followed by your name, signature and the words  “Enclosure: Resume”


Your street address
City, State, Zip Code

Name of recipient
Name of Organization
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Dr./Mr./Ms. _______________________:

I am a junior Hope College student working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a focus in Criminal Justice. I am seeking an internship for the summer of 20XX, and while researching opportunities in the field of juvenile criminal justice, I found your program listing internship opportunities for the fall semester on the Department of Justice website. I am writing to inquire about possible internship opportunities with the Marion County Family Court in the upcoming months of May through August 20XX. I am seeking an internship primarily for experience, and am therefore flexible with both internship possibilities and compensation.

My background and coursework have supplied me with many skills, as well as an understanding of common issues with the adolescent community. A few examples of my experience include:

  • Courses in sociology and social work, criminology, and business computing
  • Summer work as a hotline assistant for a local intervention center, involving peer counseling for teenagers about personal concerns with referrals to appropriate professional services
  • Active involvement at Hope College as a Resident Assistant, which requires me to establish rapport with thirty residents and advise them on personal matters, as well as university policies

My enclosed resume provides additional details about my background and experience. I may be reached at (616) 123-4567 or youraddress@hope.edu with any questions or comments regarding my inquiry. Thank you for your time.


(4 spaces left for handwritten signature, or electronically sign your PDF)

Your name

Enclosure: Resume