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Women of Color and Senior Recognition

Open to the entire campus community, Women of Color and Senior Recognition celebrates the accomplishments of graduating seniors. This event consists of awards and recognitions of graduating seniors as well as presentations by four outstanding female seniors. 

Senior Recognition Awards

Women of Color Speakers

This event celebrates graduates of color at Hope and features four female graduates as keynote speakers who share their experiences, challenges and triumphs at Hope, and leaves Hope with recommendations for continuous improvement on the racial climate for students of color. This event contributes significantly to retention and graduation, students are empowered by the stories and accomplishments of the graduates; and how they persevered during difficult times. This event allows them to see the overall impact Hope had on their lives and success.


  • 2020: Brittany Henkin, Rebeca Masís Cubero, Savannah Myers Moore, Emily Wolfe
  • 2019: Elena Galano, Julia Fulton, Deborah Kang, Maya Smith
  • 2018: Diana Cortés, Sieun Ruth Lee, Naomi Scott, Curissa Sutherland-Smith
  • 2017: Natalie Brown, Kirsten Kettler, Monica Muñoz, Audrey Jihee Park
  • 2016: Jocabed Garduño, Paulena Khorn, Anna Kremer, Alexis-Simone Rivers
  • 2015: Chanae Brown, Amanda Porter, Shirly Samuel, Regina Sanchez-Gonzalez
  • 2014: Claudia Armijo, Kelsey Herbert, Selina Long, Ashley Weatherspoon
  • 2013: Iliana Garcia, Angelina Matthews, Kristin Stevenson, and Kathleen Tolentino
Global Awareness and Involvement Award

This award is in recognition and appreciation of a commitment to learning about international perspectives and for an exceptional understanding of one's role as a global citizen, as well as for actively engaging in opportunities that encourage peers to develop global awareness and understanding.

Recent Recipients

  • 2020: Lisa Abraham, Cherish Joe, Rebeca Masís Cubero, Fadi Nshimiyimana, Heaven Silas
  • 2019: Yordanos Dessie, Julia Fulton
  • 2018: Ismael Byers, Alejandra Gómez Limón, Sinwoo Lee, Naomi Scott
  • 2017: Ireana Cook, Monica Celina Muñoz
  • 2016: Micah Gargala, Mikar Lopez
  • 2015: Alyssa Guzman, Benedict Fils-Aime
  • 2014: Amelia "Mia" Townsend, Arnaud Muhimpundu
  • 2013: Sa'eed Husaini, Brenda Cuellar, Blake Soulet, Crystal Hooper
Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award is in recognition and appreciation of contributions to building a diverse and inclusive campus community, including leadership in multicultural student organizations, hosting, and participating in panels and other leadership roles in the area of diversity and inclusion. 

RECENT Recipients

  • 2020: Brandon Fuller, Efraín Garduño-Salazar, Halla Maas, Cindy Nguyen, Lesly Sanchez
  • 2019: Askaree Crawford, Stephen Rivas, Tyra White
  • 2018: Diana Cortés, Angelique M. Hines, Sieun Ruth Lee
  • 2017: Nathaniel Nelson, Audrey Jihee Park, Mary Salguero Palma
  • 2016: Jordan Hill, Paulena Khorn
  • 2015: Laura Rodriguez
  • 2014: Claudia Armijo, Monica Chhum
  • 2013: Sherri Smith
Extra Mile Award

This award is in recognition and appreciation for positive energy brought to the student body and the Hope community, as well as sacrificial service and diligence in promoting the institution's mission, vision and goals.

RECENT Recipients

  • 2020: Denisse López, Julián Lugo, David Wang
  • 2019: Elena Galano, Maya Smith
  • 2018: Anthony Nguyen, Lucely Reyes, Jada Royer, Brandon Wolliston
  • 2017: Angelique Gaddy, Julian Gonzalez
  • 2016: Carl Deeg, Israel Hipolito
  • 2015: Ashton Shelton
  • 2014: Divya Dhailwal, Sasha Balcazar
  • 2013: La'Shawn Donelson
Excellence in Scholarship Award (formerly Academic Excellence Award)

This award is in recognition of excellent scholastic record, commitment to lifelong learning and positive impact on the lives of others.

RECENT Recipients

  • 2020: Mitchel Achien’g, Brandon Fuller, Cherish Joe, Rebeca Masís Cubero, Saira Navarrete, Mercedes Rede, Bianca Reyes, Monica Teuthorn, Emily Wolfe, Rodrigo Zavala-Cintora
  • 2019: Clare Da Silva, Roberto Escalante-Gonzalez, Ryann Felton, Deborah Kang, Kathleen Muloma, Stephen Rivas, Marissa Solorzano, Tyra White
  • 2018: Rachel Anderson, Mahalia Damm, Matiana Medrano, Joshua Nkonge
  • 2017: Ireana Cook, Christopher Da Silva, Emilio V. Isasi, Joshua Chun Wah Kam, Nathan Long, Brenda Mora, Elizabeth Mummert, Reinie Deone Thomas
  • 2016: Ivy Keen, Roudeland Metellus
  • 2015: Miriam Thomas
  • 2014: Selina Long, Sheri McCormack, Sara Sanchez
  • 2013: Hanna Ogawa, Faith DeVries, Rachel Elzinga
Student Leadership, Service and Advocacy Award

This award is in recognition and appreciation for outstanding service and leadership to the student body and Hope College, as well as significant contributions and dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion.

RECENT Recipients

  • 2020: Brittany Henkin, Savannah Myers Moore, Nancy Sierra, Alondra Villanueva, Rodrigo Zavala-Cintora
  • 2019: Lydia Berkey, Kendall Collins-Riley, Yordanos Dessie, Kathleen Muloma
  • 2018: Maria G. Garcia Reyes, Alejandra Gómez Limón, Curissa Sutherland-Smith
  • 2017: Christopher Da Silva, Jean Luc Miralda, Tyson Walton
  • 2016: Sarah Harvin, Jesus Romero, Alexis Rivers
  • 2015: Jacqueline Herrera, Amena Wallace
  • 2014: Kelsey Herbert, Kian Hashemi-Rad, Kate Pritchard
Christ-Centered Award

This award is in recognition of faithful, Christ-centered and servant leadership as well as the ways in which one has modeled and lived out his or her faith at Hope College.


  • 2020: Hannah Baird, Julián Lugo
  • 2019: Clare Da Silva, Alondra Gomez
  • 2018: Andrea Ramirez, Nia Stringfellow
  • 2017: Natalie A. Brown, Kirsten Kettler, Sehyun Park, Colin Whitehead
  • 2016: Betel Mulat
  • 2015: Izamar Mandujano, Andre Gilchrist
  • 2014: Chikara Soto