/ Frost Research Center

Student-Faculty Research

The work of Carl Frost has supported the concept of the mentoring process as a powerful tool for learning. The Frost Research Center awards grants to faculty who are interested in collaborating with students to conduct social science research.

Student-Faculty Research Grants

Part of our mission is to support student-faculty collaborative research. We are pleased to offer grants up to $2,000 for projects of collaborative student-faculty research. Priority will be given to requests for student wages, project supplies and student travel.  

Support for this program comes from the President’s Fund for Frost Center Student-Faculty Research. 

Writing a Proposal

Please write a brief and clear description of the proposed work addressing the following components of the research project in a maximum of four pages.

Please use these headings in your proposal.

  1. Goals and Objectives: Clearly state the goals and objectives of your project (a bulleted list is preferable).
  2. Research Methods: Briefly describe the research design and what research methods you will use.
  3. Human Subjects Review Board Involvement: Briefly identify whether your project requires HSRB approval or qualifies for an exemption. Specify whether you have secured HSRB approval or whether this is pending.
  4. Evaluation: Describe what project outcomes you will use to assess its success, including a plan for dissemination of the results.
  5. Timeline: Outline a timeline for the project, especially with respect to student involvement. List target dates for important phases in the research process such as when data collection will begin and end. Research should be completed within 14 months of the award notification.
  6. Budget and Justification: Do you have other funding for this research project, such as a Nyenhuis grant or an external funding source? Please provide a table or brief narrative (view sample budgets) describing use of funds. A total request for funding is restricted to $2,000 for the project. 
    • When computing student wages, please indicate:
        • The number of students
        • The number of weeks
        • The number of hours per week
        • The hourly rate
    • Suggested rate of between $9.25 and $10 per hour for college students depending on their level of research experience.
  7. Student Commitment: Student(s) who will be working with you should write a brief paragraph or two about their interest and preparation for the project and what they hope to gain from the research experience.

Note: Student-faculty teams receiving funding must present their findings at a Frost Center research colloquium or make a presentation at Hope’s annual Celebration of Research and Creative Performance. Additional presentations at events such as the National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) or an applicable disciplinary conference are encouraged.

Submitting a Proposal

Once submitted to the Frost Research Center, your proposal will be evaluated and funding will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. A concise, clear and complete proposal addressing the seven components in a maximum of four pages
  2. Levels of student engagement in the research project and the potential for student learning and growth
  3. Significance of the project to the field of study
  4. Adequacy of the project design, proposed budget and timeline to produce the projected outcomes

Proposal Deadline

Proposals for summer/fall 2018 and/or spring 2019 should be submitted to frostcenter@hope.edu no later than Friday, February 16, 2018. The Frost Center faculty advisory board will determine the grant recipients with award notification made prior to spring break. You may apply for funds for two consecutive funding cycles with a third cycle off between proposals.  

Additional Resources

In addition to supplying funding and technical expertise to faculty/student projects, the Frost Center assists individual faculty members in the following ways:

  • Assistance with in-class research projects
  • Production of surveys
  • Workspace for student research assistants
  • Assistance with SPSS and other data-analysis needs
  • Assistance with Qualtrics and other survey distribution needs