/ Hope Academy of Senior Professionals (HASP)

HASP Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protocols

The health and wellness of our members is a top priority.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated their guidelines for higher risk individuals as it relates to Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and lung disease. These recommendations include keeping space between yourself and others, avoiding crowds and, during an outbreak in your community, staying home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed.

The HASP COVID-19 subcommittee has made the following recommendations:

  1. Monthly Programs are held at The Jack H. Miller Center — members have the option of attending in person or watching the live stream of the meeting on YouTube. If you are able and plan to attend in person please note the Monthly Meeting Covid-19 Protocols.
  2. Masks are required in all indoor spaces (HASP classrooms, offices, etc.) regardless of vaccination status.
  3. Three-foot distancing in classroom/meeting areas.
  4. Limit of 50 people for in-person classes in the HASP classroom with 3 ft. distancing. Many courses will also be available via Zoom.
  5. We will not offer coffee/cookie refreshment at this time.
  6. As a part of our care for one another, we request HASP members who have not been vaccinated to participate in courses via Zoom. Members who have been fully vaccinated may attend classes via Zoom or in-person following the above safety protocols.