/ Human Resources

Animal / Pet Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide for the health and safety of Hope College students, faculty, staff, and visitors and for the protection of the College’s property/assets.


This policy applies to all on-campus buildings and facilities.


This policy identifies that, to create a healthy, safe, and respectful environment, animals/pets should not be a part of the campus community unless identified in the exceptions clause. Pets can pose various health and safety concerns to the campus community including allergic reactions to animal dander, excessive noise, animal bites, and disease transmission (i.e., fleas, ticks, parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc.).

Exceptions Clause

Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  • Animals used for approved research and teaching purposes.
  • Service animals performing their duties.
  • Service animals in training.
  • Pets of Residence Life staff living on campus, only with prior approval from the Dean of Student Development.
  • On-duty police dogs
  • Fish in containers of 20 gallons or less


Service Animals - Any employee who seeks a service animal as a reasonable accommodation for a disability should contact the Office of Human Resources. The College will determine on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, whether such animal is a reasonable accommodation.

Service Animals in Training – For an employee to bring a service animal in training to the campus, the request should be made to the Human Resources Office and have the approval of the department. If any member of the department does not feel they can accommodate the animal, the request will be denied.

All service animals and service animals in training must be restrained on a leash at all times, must not be left fastened to stationary objects, and be under effective control while on campus grounds. Any dog, cat, or other animal must be licensed and fully inoculated in accordance with regulations. Fecal matter must be removed immediately and disposed of properly by the owner. The service animal owner will be financially responsible for any damage caused to buildings, contents, or grounds by their animal.

Violations of this policy will be cause for the College to have the animal/pet removed from campus.