“There’s No Place Like ‘Home’” celebrates the association between Holland, Michigan, and L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz series, to critically engage with the meaning of “home.”

What does it mean to be home? How do we expand that vision? How do we educate our students and prepare them for lives of leadership and service in a changing local community with global connections? And how do we address the challenges that prevent Holland from being even more inclusive, welcoming and oriented towards the flourishing of everyone, inside and outside of the college?


  • Shift the culture of Hope College faculty members and students towards even greater local engagement and attention to the vocational preparation and public-service potential of liberal arts and humanities education.
  • Encourage the citizens of Holland to view the students and faculty of the college, even more than they presently do, as partners, contributors, resources and citizens.
  • Demonstrate the complementary value of qualitative, humanistic thinking in addressing the “wicked problems” and “grand challenges” of our time and place (including the current pandemic and issues of intergroup justice and reconciliation).

Who is eligible?

Must be a partnership between a tenure-stream Hope College faculty member or professor of instruction with a multi-year contract in the arts, humanities, and other humanistic fields and community leaders who work for non-profits, state or local government, and local public education in Holland, Michigan. For-profit organizations may participate without funding. Hope College partners with a different status may be considered under certain circumstances.

What kinds of grants are available?

  • Proof of concept grants: $10,000 for up to one year.
  • Implementation grants: $50,000 for up to two years.

How do I apply?

Submit a pre-proposal form or contact the director, Dr. Annie Dandavati, or the assistant director, Dr. Marsely Kehoe.