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Campus Master Planning

A master plan ensures that decisions regarding new construction, renovations and infrastructure improvements are made within a larger, long-term context.


The campus master plan, like the strategic plan, should be flexible and adaptable to meet changing conditions and priorities that come with time.

Our campus master plan will include:

  • A space utilization analysis
  • A space needs assessment
  • A campus master plan document
  • A campus utility infrastructure plan
  • Recommendations for phasing and scheduling


The master planning process will take place over the 2016–2017 academic year. It will be inclusive and broadly engaging, providing several opportunities for students, employees, trustees and members of the community to provide input before a plan is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval in spring 2017.

Summer 2016 Kick off process and begin data collection
Fall 2016 Engage the campus community to understand current and future space needs
Winter 2017 Share findings and seek feedback
Spring 2017 Finalize reports and recommendations with campus input
Board of trustees
may 2017 meeting
Present final report to Board of Trustees for review and approval