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Presidential Colloquium

The Presidential Colloquium is a recurring lecture series that brings prominent thinkers to Hope to share their insights on the academy, leadership and global civic engagement.

Previous Colloquia

2017, Fall — Rev. Dr. Dennis N. Voskuil

Interim President of Hope College
“‘Here I Stand’: A Conversation with Martin Luther”

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2017, Spring — Brad Gregory, Timothy George and Beth Plummer

Dr. Brad S. Gregory

Professor of history and Dorothy G. Griffin Collegiate Chair at the University of Notre Dame
“Why the Reformation Still Matters in 2017”

Dr. Timothy George

Dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University and Professor of History and Doctrine
“Where Are the Nailprints? Luther’s Road to Reformation”

Dr. Marjorie Elizabeth (Beth) Plummer

Professor of History Department at Western Kentucky University
“Dangerous Choices: Women, Clerics, and Marriage in the German Reformation”

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2015 — David Brooks

Author and New York Times Columnist
“The Value and Relevance of a Faith-Based Liberal Arts Education in the 21st Century”

David Brooks speaks at Hope College

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2014, Fall — Scott Aughenbaugh

Center for Strategic and International Studies
“Our World in 2035: Seven Revolutionary Trends That Will Change Everything”

 Scott Aughenbaugh Presidential Colloquium

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2014, Spring — Profesor H. Russel Botman

Rector and Vice Chancellor, Stellenbosch University
“Our World in 2035: Seven Revolutionary Trends That Will Change Everything”

Professor H Russel  Botman

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2013 — Dr. Richard Carwardine

President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford
"Abraham Lincoln and the Lessons of Leadership"

Dr. Richard Carwardine

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