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How We're Responding

Hope College is responding to the 2015 Trust Index Employee Survey.

2015 Hope College Trust Survey: Main Themes

  1. Many desire more transparency and involvement in decision-making; are concerned that management expectations often exceed resources; and feel underappreciated for their efforts. Some also express a fear of retaliation.
  2. Many express concern about discrimination on the basis of race, sex and other differences, sensing a disconnect between Hope’s values and the experience of some employees at work.
  3. We take pride in our mission to develop students’ intellect and faith; we value the commitment and excellence of our co-workers; and we say we enjoy supportive workgroups.

Institutional Response to Survey Results

  • Helping supervisors and administrators provide environments in which employees can flourish
    • Sharing back of the Trust Index Survey (TIS) data (with opportunities for voices to be heard)
    • Sharing TIS data at divisional/departmental sessions
    • Culture Works
    • Development of workplace culture statement and values
    • Administrative Council Commitment
      • Administrative Council 360 Reviews
      • Administrative Council focus on TIS results and Strategic Plan priorities
    • Creation of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion
    • GROW sponsorship of several educational opportunities to develop cultural proficiencies
    • Providing training on diverse hiring practices and implicit bias
  • Investing in employees’ professional development
    • Staff Pro-Dev Day (hosted by Human Resources)
    • The four-part Leadership Development Series (hosted by the President’s Office)
    • Safe Colleges online professional development resources (available through Human Resources)
    • Professional development opportunities for academic staff, office managers and physical plant employees (hosted by Human Resources)
    • Personalized professional development planning (partnership between supervisors and Human Resources)
  • Developing policies that support safe, positive work environments
    • Nondiscrimination Policy Revision (including Title IX and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, disability, age, etc. to move to a civil rights policy model)
    • Revisions started on the travel and entertainment reimbursement policy to provide more clarity, more consistent implementation and application of policy as well as services and systems to make the travel reimbursement process easier and more efficient
    • Title IX and other mandatory trainings offered to employees
  • Addressing fairness and equity concerns
    • Appointing a Special Advisor to the President for Diversity and Inclusion who also serves as a member of the Administrative Council
    • Revised performance evaluation process
    • Establishing the Faculty Compensation Benchmarking Task Force and their concluding report
  • Creating opportunities for shared value and respect for employees’ unique roles on campus
    • How the College Works college-wide informational sessions
    • Status of Women at Hope collaboration
    • President Knapp's Neighborhood Drop-Ins
    • Annual All-Employee Family Picnic
    • Continuation of the Staff Town Hall meetings and the Staff Advisory Council
    • The addition of staff on the President's Advisory Committee (part of campus governance structure)