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Faculty Activity Reporting

Our Faculty Activity Reporting software (Digital Measures by Watermark) is an online, secure database for reporting faculty activities.

Enter faculty activity (FAR/Digital Measures) 

Whatever annual activities were previously entered into Service to Hope forms or found on a CV can now be entered online. Data can be entered as soon as each activity happens, and data entry doesn’t have to wait until the end of the year.

Recorded activities can be compiled into reports. Those with appropriate permissions, such as department chairs and divisional deans, can access and search the information, reducing or eliminating repeated requests for this data.

Full-time and tenure-track faculty must report their activities in Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR). Lecturers and adjunct faculty will not use FAR at this time.

Goals & Highlights

Goals of the project

  • Easy input
  • Usable output
  • Fewer data requests
  • Broader usage
  • Uniform reporting
  • Separation of faculty activity data collection from faculty evaluation

Highlights of FAR

  • The provost’s office can pull your annual activity directly. You don’t have to file any paperwork.
  • Office managers and chairs can compile a department’s annual activity by running queries rather than manually compiling from Service to Hope forms.
  • If your grant is processed through the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs, that information will be uploaded directly into FAR.
  • Teaching schedules and number of advisees will be regularly (semi-annually) updated based on numbers from the registrar’s office.
  • When it comes to entering publications, there are shortcuts. Publication data from aggregate/ bibliographic sources (in BibTeX format) can be pulled so that there is no hand-entry of each publication.
  • September: FAR pilot group of faculty and administrative staff will beta test data entry and run reports. We'll use this information to further customize the product for Hope
  • Mid-October: Launch the product, faculty begin entering activities
  • Mid-October through January: Drop-in sessions, training for faculty, training for staff
  • January 2019: Complete entry of your 2018 faculty activity. No Service to Hope forms.
  • Spring semester: Departments will be able to pull reports from FAR
Training Materials and Guides
2019 Training Sessions

Training sessions will have a drop-in, working format. Come when you can, leave when you must. Bring your CV or 2018 activities with you. Enter information, run your annual activity report, and our team will help with questions. Quickly upload publication data where it exists elsewhere (Zotero, Goggle Scholar, etc.), and give us feedback so we can make FAR better in the future.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 3–5:30 p.m. Martha Miller Center for Global Communication, Room 237
(Computer Lab)
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28 11 a.m.–12 p.m.

Martha Miller Fried Hemenway Auditorium
Bring your laptop as this will take place in a lecture hall

Templates for Uploading Data

If you have many activities to enter on one screen, instead of manually entering data into FAR, a faculty member may instead put the information into a spreadsheet for upload.


  1. Select the spreadsheet from the list below, based on the activity screen in FAR.
  2. Enter relevant information. A username and date are always required. Data validated fields (the colored columns) must have a selection from the drop-down or be left blank. Not all fields need a response. If you have any questions or need to add more collaborators to the presentation screen, email far@hope.edu for assistance.
  3. When the activities have been entered, email the spreadsheet to far@hope.edu and the FAR admins will upload the data into the system for you. Please allow 2-4 days for requests to be processed.


General Credentials and Experience


Scholarship and Creative Activity


We have not created spreadsheet templates for all screens. If you would like to do a spreadsheet upload and don't see the screen listed above, email us and we will create a template for you.