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Academic Computing

The Academic Computing Committee meets monthly to support and promote the use of technology in teaching and learning at Hope College.

Our Mission

  • To develop an institutional vision for the goals of instructional technology in light of the mission of the college
  • To assess the degree of faculty interest in instructional technology and assess the needs for additional equipment, software and training to support faculty
  • To help faculty learn from each other about existing instructional technology projects
  • To promote new faculty course projects that utilize instructional technology effectively

Academic Computing Committee

The membership of the ACC consists of the director of academic computing, the director of Computing and Information Technology (CIT), a CIT representative, a liaison from the Deans’ Council, the faculty mentor for online and hybrid learning, a faculty member from each of the four academic divisions plus the library (appointed by the Status Committee), and two students.

  • Barry Bandstra, Director of academic computing
  • Carl Heideman, Director of CIT
  • Jeff Pestun, CIT representative
  • Dave Van Wylen, Deans' Council representative
  • Beth Trembley, Faculty mentor for online and hybrid learning
  • Aaron Fransen, Social Sciences Division representative
  • Tori Pelz, Arts Division representative
  • Heidi Giannini, Humanities Division representative
  • Ginny McDonough, Natural Sciences Division representative
  • Victoria Longfield, Library representative

Innovation Book Circle

Faculty participants in the Innovation Book Circle receive a book and discuss it via a Moodle group throughout the summer. At a luncheon in September, participants gather to discuss their reading and make plans to integrate an innovative change into one or more fall semester courses. At the conclusion of the fall semester, the group meets again to discuss the results of their individual changes. Those who complete the process will receive a stipend from CIT to spend on technology.