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Faith and Scholarship Discussion Series

The Faith and Scholarship Discussion Series supports Hope College as a community of faithful Christian scholars.

In order to grow as a community of faithful Christian scholars, we — faculty, staff and students — need to meet with one another in fellowship to discuss how the breadth of meaning inherent in terms like “faith” and “scholarship” creates a depth of their possible integration.

We are not chairing the discussion of faith, scholarship and vocation here at Hope College — no one is. The point is neither to impose a particular view nor to require anyone to learn, teach, research, or serve a certain way. If there is a reason for the discussion, it is to help build a community of Christian scholars faithful to the mission of integrating the lives of the mind and of the spirit, a community whose members are comfortably vulnerable about how they define and live out these terms and their relationship to one another, and a community that enacts and models the virtues of civil discourse for all to see.

The Faith and Scholarship Discussion Series takes place on Thursday at 8 a.m. over the summer, in Schaap Science Center Room 1118. Each week a member of the Hope College faculty will lead a discussion about the integration of faith and scholarship in the context of vocation.

This is an excellent opportunity to be part of a broader conversation about these critically important issues. Coffee, juice and bagels will be served, and we will be finished by 9 a.m.

We welcome all students, faculty and staff to these discussions.

The 2019 Discussion Series

Each week a member of the Hope College faculty or staff will lead a discussion about the integration of faith and scholarship in the context of vocation.

  • Thursday, May 30 – Becky Schmidt (kinesiology)
  • Thursday, June 6 – Chuck Cusack (computer science)
  • Thursday, June 13 – Todd Wiebe (Van Wylen Library)
  • Thursday, June 20 – Marissa Doshi (communication)
  • Thursday June 27 – Amy Freehafer (Boerigter Center)
  • Thursday, July 11 – Tim Schoonveld (kinesiology)
2017 Faith & Scholarship Lecture

Professor Henry F. Schaefer, University of Georgia, presented "The Faith of a Scientist" on October 5, 2017. Cosponsored by the Office of Research and Scholarship and the Hope College Chemistry Department.


The Faith and Scholarship Discussion Series is sponsored by a Professional Development Award from the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE), of which Hope College is a charter member, and the offices of the Teaching and Learning and the Research and Scholarship.