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Student Research

One or more students who undertake or collaborate on a single research project under faculty supervision should follow the Hope HSRB Decision Tree to determine what type of HSRB application to submit.

UMBRELLA Proposals

An umbrella proposal refers to any proposal that covers multiple student research projects (most often within the confines of a course). For example, a course may require students to develop either as individuals or in groups several distinct research projects. The faculty member (i.e., the course instructor) should submit an umbrella proposal describing the research assignment the semester before the course is held (April 1 for fall semester and November 15 for spring semester). The HSRB strives to consider all umbrella proposals before the end of finals week of the semester during which the proposal is submitted. Possible outcomes are:

  1. The HSRB determines that the umbrella proposal is exempt from formal HSRB review and the research may continue as planned.
  2. The HSRB approves the umbrella proposal as no risk and the research may continue as planned.
  3. Due to the nature of the research, the HSRB will need to review individual student proposals. If so, the faculty member is responsible for collecting, reviewing and revising all of the student proposals and submitting them to the HSRB as a single package at a date agreed upon by the faculty member and the HSRB.

Submitting a Proposal

If you wish to submit a proposal, complete the following steps: 

  1. Use the Hope HSRB Decision Tree to determine if your project requires review.
  2. Check the exemption guidelines. If your project involves pedagogical or program assessment or if it is unlikely to be disseminated beyond the specific course in which the project is done, the project may be exempt from HSRB review. In this case, simply submit a request for exemption.
  3. If after reviewing the decision tree and guidelines for exemption, you determine that the project requires HSRB approval, please complete and submit an Umbrella Application for Course Research Projects.