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Continuum Scholars

The Continuum Scholars Program is sponsored by the Center for Ministry Studies and aims to expand the conversation at Hope College around issues of faith, vocation and scholarship.

It welcomes pre-tenure faculty members into a vibrant experience of faith formation and intellectual engagement with the historic Christian faith.

Continuum Scholars:

  • Participate in a two-week, partial-day workshop on faith, vocation and scholarship during which you will articulate and explore:
    • Theological perspectives on the vocation of scholarship
    • The current state of theological reflection and engagement in your research field(s) and discipline(s)
    • The ecumenical continuum of theological perspectives through which our colleagues both at Hope College and within higher education approach their own scholarship
  • Make an on-campus presentation on faith, vocation and scholarship during the academic year
  • Receive a $500 workshop stipend in addition to funding consistent with Nyenhuis Grant guidelines

The Continuum Scholars will be an inter-divisional cohort of five pre-tenure faculty members.

The selection process will use the Nyenhuis Summer Research Grant proposal as a common application. Proposals for collaborative research with students will be considered, but the workshop will include only faculty. Full-time, pre-tenure faculty in any academic division who meet the eligibility criteria for Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grants may apply.

Proposals submitted after the submission deadline will not be accepted. To apply for a Continuum Scholars Faculty Development Grant, simply fill out the Continuum Program application and submit it to the Provost’s Office as an additional attachment to the email containing your Nyenhuis application.


Please save your answers to the following questions in a Word or PDF document and submit it to the Provost's Office as an additional attachment to the email containing your Nyenhuis Summer Research Grant proposal. If you already have existing research funding, rather than filling out the Nyenhuis application, you should submit a brief, 250-word summary of your summer research plans and indicate the funding source. The Continuum Scholars Application document should not exceed two (2) pages in length with a minimum font size of 11 points.

  1. How might participation as a Continuum Scholar benefit your proposed research? Note: An explicit connection between faith, vocation, and your project is not a requirement.
  2. What questions in regard to faith, vocation, and scholarship (conceived broadly as research, teaching, and service) do you want to explore? Why? Describe your previous opportunities to think and learn about faith, vocation, and scholarship. Note: Experience exploring these topics is not a requirement.
  3. How might an in-depth exploration of faith, vocation, and scholarship benefit you at this stage of your career?
  4. How might participation as a Continuum Scholar shape potential directions for your scholarship (again, conceived broadly as research, teaching, and service) over the next ten years?