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Innovations in Pedagogy: What's Happening at Hope?

Thursday, August 24, 1–3:30 p.m.
Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts

Innovations in PedagogyFaculty and staff at Hope College have a long history of innovation and academic entrepreneurship. This year, the Pre-College Conference will include panels made up of colleagues who are national, regional and campus leaders in innovative teaching and learning practices.

Their presentations and the discussions that follow will engage with questions such as:

  • What innovative teaching and learning practices do our students want (or expect)?
  • What kinds of innovation are possible — and viable — within Hope’s current course structures?
  • How can pedagogical innovation support our mission and benefit students, faculty and staff?
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly: How can we work together to sustain Hope’s culture of pedagogical innovation?

Presentation and Discussion Schedule

1–1:20 p.m. Steve Bouma-Prediger, Jonathan Hagood and Jesse Montaño
Session 1
1:20–2:10 p.m. Room A: Marissa Doshi
Mellon Grand Challenges: Alyssa Cheadle, Dennis Feaster, Jared Ortiz and Wayne Tan 
Day 1: Brent Krueger and Cathy Mader

Room B: Sarah Kornfield
May/June Term courses (foreign): Lauren Janes and Heidi Kraus 
May/June Term courses (domestic): Steve Hoogerwerf
2:10–2:25 p.m. Break
Session 2
2:25–3:15 p.m. Room A: Tony Donk
Digital Liberal Arts: Tori Longfield
Midwest Hybrid Learning Consortium: Barry Bandstra

Room B: Daniel Woolsey
Global Liberal Arts Alliance: Dede Johnston
Study Abroad: Amy Otis-DeGrau
3:15–3:30 p.m. Jonathan Hagood, Jenny Everts, Vicki-Lynn Holmes and Gerald Griffin