/ Public Affairs and Marketing

Key Messaging

Key messages are based on our brand attributes and are the most important talking points when communicating with Hope’s constituents. 

They differ according to the audience, and the nature of their relationship with Hope and what they may value as a result.

People’s engagement with Hope, and therefore their perspective and needs, change over time. They will want more or different things from the college as their relationship evolves. Those of us responsible for communications must understand the dynamic nature of our audiences — prospective students, current students, parents, alumni, donors, faculty, staff, community members — and how to best connect with them.

Choosing messages

In choosing messages, we must keep in mind the audience and what they value. Think about Hope from their perspective. To be most effective, consider what messages will resonate as important and relevant.

We want our Hope community to understand “Hope lives in me.” Our culture and offering is inspired by an education that propels everyone forward toward a future with purpose. It will be also be important to express the brand and messages in ways that resonate with a more broadly holistic and spiritual expression of the benefits of Hope. 

Key messages that support our brand attributes

  • Hope is a rare combination of nationally recognized academic excellence and a vibrant Christian atmosphere. At Hope, one’s personal faith is a choice, and voluntary chapel is full to capacity.
  • Hope is a friendly and welcoming community where faculty, staff and students come to know and care about one another.
  • Our 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio offers close collaboration and mentoring. Masterful teachers and talented researchers are committed to enabling students to achieve their best.
  • With more than 90 majors in liberal arts and preprofessional programs, the college has high academic standards and exceptional placement opportunities. Our holistic approach has been lauded for character, preparedness, service and life-changing experiences for students.
  • A research powerhouse, Hope’s faculty-student collaboration is funded by more than $5 million in active grants. The college holds more grants for faculty-student research from the National Science Foundation than any other undergraduate college in the country. Research Corporation ranks Hope at the top of their list for institutions receiving funding for undergraduate research. 
  • Hope is the first private, liberal arts college to have national accreditation in art, dance, music and theatre. The arts community is active and diverse, including 20-plus performing ensembles. 
  • Our 3,200 students come from more than 40 states and territories and 30 different countries. We are a leading college for Fulbright Scholars, and our students can look forward to attending their first choice of graduate and professional schools. 
  • We have a time-honored championship athletic tradition with scholar-athletes and a community that supports college teams. Hope has received the Commissioner’s Cup of the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association for an unprecedented 12 consecutive years through the 2011–12 school year. Hope also sponsors several club sport opportunities and has an active intramural program.
  • Hope has a beautiful, safe and historic campus, just blocks from the charming town of Holland, Michigan. The college has invested significantly in having the best facilities, and it is an increasingly culturally diverse community.