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Promise and Attributes

Brand Promise

Hope College inspires students to be fully alive in mind, body and spirit through an exceptional liberal arts education and a community grounded in a vibrant Christian faith.

The brand promise is for internal use and is different than Hope’s mission statement. 

Successful brand communications must honestly reflect who we are as an institution. The brand promise is inspired by the college’s mission and vision. It is an internal statement shared by our administration, faculty and staff that defines what Hope College promises to be and the experience an individual can expect to have when engaging with the institution. It is against this standard we will measure our work. 

As a community and an institution, Hope College has many stories to tell. This brand promise guides and inspires us as we tell Hope’s story, now and in the future. It serves as a touchstone for planning, communications, marketing and evaluation. But it is strictly an internal guiding statement never to be published in marketing materials.

Brand Attributes

Brand attributes are key words and phrases that describe Hope College as it is and aspires to be. This language is used to be clear and relevant to the college’s key audiences.

Rare Combination

Rigorous academics and vibrant, inviting Christian faith combine to prepare students to live within a global society.

Picturesque and Welcoming Community

A historic campus, located just blocks from award-winning downtown Holland, and part of an engaging and increasingly diverse community that approaches relationships with respect, compassion and support.

Close Student-Faculty and Student-Staff Relationships

Masterful teachers and talented researchers in small classes and one-on-one collaboration, with a strong commitment to students’ personal, intellectual, social and career development.

Christian Character

Offers many voluntary opportunities to grow one’s faith in an inviting Christian community, while seeking to engage the whole person through academics and co-curricular programs.

Nationally Recognized Academics

Known for undergraduate research, scholarship, preparation and life-shaping experiences.

Holistic Approach

Liberal arts and pre-professional programs with high academic standards and exceptional career opportunities. Holistic approach has been lauded for character, preparedness, service and life-changing experiences for students.

Championship Athletics

A nationally competitive tradition with scholar-athletes, quality facilities and a community that supports Hope teams.

Remarkable Facilities

World-class facilities that support the high caliber research, athletic, social and spiritual opportunities offered throughout the campus experience.

Vibrant Student Life

Commitment to the whole person, in mind, body and spirit, with an emphasis on cultivating relationships through award-winning social activities and unique traditions within a thriving and safe residential community.