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The following guidelines are available to help you communicate Hope’s brand and story.

They include background information and detailed instructions for representing the Hope College brand in all of your communications, including on our website and social media channels.

Brand Guidelines

Contained within these guidelines are tools to communicate Hope's brand and story. They include background about how this brand was developed, direction and rationale for using elements of the brand platform, and examples of communications from Hope College.
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Athletic Brand Guidelines

Hope College has a strong tradition of intercollegiate athletics. A distinct sub-brand celebrates that heritage while bringing clarity and cohesion to the visual expression of the sports program. While the athletics sub-brand has its own unique visual expression, the vocabulary of the system has been drawn from the larger school-wide identity.
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Web Content Guidelines

This guide will help you write solid and engaging content that fits the Hope College brand, whether you're writing a blog post, program description, application requirements, email campaign, social media post or even a headline or button text.
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Web Style Guide

This in-house reference guide is intended to help the Hope College community write for the Hope College website because good writing is much more than correct spelling and punctuation. Good writing is clear, consistent, concise and correct.
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OU Campus Users' Guide

Content managers for hope.edu have been given permissions to access specific content on the website within the OU Campus CMS. This users' guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the CMS to manage your website content.
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Social Media Guidelines

Hope College uses social media to engage the greater Hope community in conversations by providing educational and informative messages in a manner that elevates perceptions of the college while striving to achieve our institutional mission. These guidelines establish campuswide best practices for content sharing on social media.
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Video Guidelines

These guidelines establish campuswide best practices for planning and producing videos for Hope College.
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