/ Public Affairs and Marketing

Who to ask about...

Process, roles and workflows

If you have any questions about how the content creation and maintenance process works, ask Public Affairs & Marketing

Using the CMS

CIT/Public Affairs & Marketing can help answer any questions about how to use the CMS to manage content on the site. 

Content strategy (brand, audience, voice and tone)

For help understanding the Hope brand or applying brand, voice and tone guidelines to a specific situation, talk to Public Affairs & Marketing.

Style and grammar

If you have a style or grammar question that isn’t specifically addressed in this guide or the Hope College Web Style Guide, refer to the AP Stylebook. If you’re still not sure, talk to one of your peers on the content team, even if they’re in a different department. Other Authors, Editors and Publishers are there to help. Finally, if an issue continues to cause a lot of confusion or debate, ask someone from Public Affairs & Marketing to weigh in.

Technical issues

If there’s something on the site or within the system that doesn’t appear to be working correctly, talk to CIT.

Contact the web team