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Housing Change

Maybe you studied in Australia fall semester. Maybe it's just not working out with your roommate. Maybe you're saying goodbye to Hope College. Whatever the reason, here's how to request a housing change.

Spring Housing change 

Are you graduating from Hope in December? Or are you planning on attending a off-campus study abroad program for the spring semester? Maybe you are currently studying abroad and are planning to return to campus for the spring semester. 

If that is the case, please select and complete the correct form to report a change to your housing or request housing for spring semester. If you have trouble with a form or have questions, please email housing@hope.edu.

Housing Change Form for December Graduates and Spring Off-Campus Study Program Participants 

Spring Semester Housing Request Form for RETURNING Off-Campus Study Program Participants 

Housing Change Request

Are you currently living on campus? Are you interested in making a housing change? If the answer is yes to both questions, you would need to meet with your resident assistant (RA),  resident director (RD) or residential life coordinator (RLC) to start this process.