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Looking For A Roommate

Are you looking for a roommate for the 2018–2019 academic year?

Please submit a Google application for a roommate. Responses will be posted below.



  • I'm looking for a roommate for next year!! I think I'd like to live in Wyckoff or maybe Phelps Hall. I am going to be a sophomore and I'm a Spanish education major. I'm really neat and clean, and I like the room pretty quiet, but I probably won't spend much time in the room because I like to study in other places!
    Contact: Hannah Schill
    Posted 2/15/18

  • I am looking for a roommate with the same interests as me and would want to room in Phelps or Kollen Hall.
    Contact: Emma Holman
    Posted 2/15/18

  • Hey! I'm looking for somebody who's relatively clean and preferably wants to live in Gilmore :)
    Contact: Lindsey Medenblik
    Posted 2/15/18

  • Looking for a roommate who wants to live in Cook Hall next year, someone who is clean and respectful.
    Contact Rachel Tanay
    Posted 2/5/18

  • A nice, friendly person who likes music and Disney. I'm also a dancer.
    Contact Ashley Zardus
    Posted 2/5/18

  • Looking for someone that wants to room in Cook Hall! I’m really easygoing and can get along with pretty much anyone!
    Contact Haley Galloway
    Posted 2/5/18


  • Roommate in a residential hall
    Contact Kamryn Ramey
    Posted 2/13/18
  • Hi! My name is Kaitlin and I am going into my sophomore year at Hope. I am a secondary special ed major! I am pretty clean and organized, and usually out and about. I love watching scary movies and eating anything with cheese (pizza, mac and cheese, etc.). I am a part of CASA, CEC and a sorority at Hope. Most people would describe me as outgoing, fun and a good listener. I love to talk to people and am open to new things. We don’t need to be best friends, but it would be cool if we got along :) My last roommate didn’t not like me so don’t worry, she’s just moving in with her best friend! Looking for apartment, cottage or residential hall.
    Contact  Kaitlin Bronstein
    Posted 2/13/18

  • Looking for two more ladies to join us in Spoelstra!
    Contact Emily Damaska
    Posted 2/2/18

  • Two female roommates sophomore or older for College East apartments to live with Taylor Ramage (business), Nicki Watson (accounting) and Alexandra Berger (social work). Prefer relatively clean, fun and respectful girls.
    Contact Alexandra Berger
    Posted 2/2/18

  • I'm expecting to be studying abroad next spring semester, so I'd like to simply join a group applying for a cottage or an apartment for Fall 2018.
    Contact Sarah Anderson
    Posted 2/2/18


  • A quiet roommate in an apartment or cottage.
    Contact Chelsea Moore
    Posted 2/5/18

  • Three girls, looking for a fourth person to get an apartment with.
    Contact Shelby Handrich
    Posted 2/2/18

  • Looking for apartment/cottage. I need an apartment within walking distance. It would be nice to be in the fancy ones, but that might be a pipe-dream. If you need someone to complete your group, consider me.
    Contact Rachel Schaller
    Posted 2/2/18



  • Someone who’s relaxed, clean and respectful. Similar interests.
    Contact Dov Emerson
    Posted 2/7/18


  • A male roommate with 59 completed credits or over. We need one more for a room in the luxurious Cook Village. We love to crack jokes and hang out.
    Contact Brandon Brown
    Posted 2/5/18


  • Someone wanting to live off campus above 8th street. Would love to meet anyone interested in looking at the apartment.                                                                    Contact Reece Lindemann                                                                                                     Posted  2/15/18