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Looking For A Roommate

Are you looking for a roommate for the 2018–2019 academic year?

Please submit a Google application for a roommate. Responses will be posted below.



  • A roommate willing to live in Van Vleck 
    Contact Carolyn Priebe
    Posted 3/19/18

  • I would like to live in Gilmore or Phelps. I am a generally quiet person so I'm looking for someone a little more outgoing to break me out of my shell! I'm usually fairly busy during the day so I like having time at night to relax. I like to keep my room causal but tidy. If I'm not in the room, I'm probably at the The 205 studying. I love music, cats and coffee! If you're interested please contact me I would love to get to know you.
    Contact Grace Stover
    Posted 3/19/18

  • I’m a communication major looking to go into broadcasting. I’m pretty introverted, but love hanging out with small groups. I love getting coffee, watching movies and playing video games. I also have a couple plants that I mother intensely. I like a quiet room and will spend a good amount of time in it. I would love living in Phelps, but I'm not too picky. I am a little on the messy side, but I am respectful to boundaries and try to keep it as clean as I can!
    Contact Madison Palmatier
    Posted 3/14/18

  • A roommate in a residential hall or cottage
    Contact Grace Alex
    Posted 3/14/18

  • I will be a sophomore next semester. Someone who doesn't mind background noise (a fan or quiet music), I keep my room casual due to how busy I am during the week, and if I have time to organize/clean my room. I'm not stuck in my room a whole lot because I like to do homework in other places on campus, but I use my room to relax. I like to read and write so I don't want someone who is really obnoxious and loud. I am both a night person and a morning person (when required). Usually, I'm up until midnight and it's very rare if it's after that time during school nights (though I usually go to sleep later on weekends — 2 a.m. at the latest). I'm looking for someone who wants to live in Phelps. If there are any other questions, feel free to email me.
    Contact Melanie Mojica
    Posted 3/12/18

  • Looking for a roommate in a residential hall
    Contact Abby Finnegan
    Posted 3/12/18

  • Someone on the quiet side who will give me space, which basically means being comfortable in silence and respecting my privacy. I'm very introverted, but that doesn't mean antisocial, so please don't misunderstand! I can be a bit messy, but I keep it on my side, and I'm pretty chill. I also tend to stay up/work late. I'm looking for someone similar to me. I'd like to room in either Van Vleck or Voorhees, but I'm open to suggestions. :)
    Contact Josie Crane
    Posted 3/8/18

  • A roommate in a residential hall
    Contact Kristen Strilko
    Posted 2/27/18

  • A roommate in a residential hall
    Contact Candyce Peppers
    Posted 2/27/18

  • I am looking for a roommate with the same interests as me and would want to room in Phelps or Kollen Hall.
    Contact: Emma Holman
    Posted 2/15/18


  • I'm a science major and would prefer someone that is as well, but would be more than happy to find someone different than me! I like to study a lot in my room, so I would like it to be fairly quiet some of the time, but sometimes I like to be loud too! I have no real preference on which building, but closer to the science center would be appreciated! Contact Madeline Stanton
    Posted 3/19/18

  • A roommate with similar interests who doesn't mind not living in Kollen
    Contact Elisabeth Beck
    Posted 3/12/18

  • I'm looking for someone who's spunky and outgoing, but who also likes to chill. I'm a very outgoing person, but more often than not I'm relaxing and watching Netflix. I'm really easy to get along with, so confrontation with me isn't an issue. I do like to stay up super, super late so if you're a night owl that will be super fun! If not, I'll be respectful too!
    Contact Amanda Olson
    Posted 2/27/18

  • Roommate in a residential hall
    Contact Kamryn Ramsay
    Posted 2/13/18


  • Looking for a roommate in an apartment or residential hall. 
    Contact Lisa Ashpole
    Posted 3/19/18

  • I would be a nice fit for those who are looking for a fifth person on their apartment!
    Contact Rachel Schaller
    Posted 3/7/18

  • Caitlin DeYoung and I are looking for two more girls to live off campus with us! We’re not picky, just want some nice humans :)
    Contact Victoria Lindemulder
    Posted 2/19/18

  • I’m looking for two female art or art history majors/minors who are interested in helping plan events for the department. The cottage is Kuizenga cottage, and I have two single rooms. Any year is welcome!
    Contact Holle Wade
    Posted 2/19/18

  • Three girls, looking for a fourth person to get an apartment with.
    Contact Shelby Handrich
    Posted 2/2/18



  • Looking for a roommate in a Residential Hall
    Contact Jacob Kelley
    Posted 3/12/18


  • I'm looking to live in a cottage where I can cook food, get some work done and hang out. I enjoy playing music, games and climbing. I'm a pretty easygoing person and I keep things relatively clean.
    Contact Evan Bright
    Posted 3/12/18

  • I squatted my room in Cook Hall and I am looking for a roommate.
    Contact Sannan Cheng
    Posted 3/12/18
  • There are three of us that have a Brumler apartment and we need a fourth only for the fall semester. Pretty laid back guys lookin' for someone to play Mario Kart with us.
    Contact Cole Persch
    Posted 2/6/18


  • A nice place to live in a cottage or apartment so I can get away from the dorms. I am on the XC and track teams and most of my teammates already have a plan set up. I am a very organized, neat guy and I am not into the party scene at all! I am a Christian and attended church weekly.
    Contact Brett Slayton
    Posted 2/27/18

  • Someone wanting to live off campus above 8th Street. Would love to meet anyone interested in looking at the apartment.
    Contact Reece Lindemann
    Posted 2/15/18