/ Residential Life and Housing


Due to COVID-19, our process looks different this year.

Get ready for move-in!

We’re ready for you and have adjusted our move-in process to ensure we are starting the semester in the safest possible way!

Moving into a residence hall? 

When you arrive at the check-in tent, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed several pre-arrival steps. To ensure that check-in moves smoothly and quickly, please do the following before you arrive on campus:

Receive your COVID-19 test result
If you have not completed your at-home test, you will not be permitted to move in. If you are still waiting for your results 24 hours prior to your move-in, you will be contacted by Hope to make a plan for your arrival. If you tested positive, Hope’s Health Center staff will contact you to provide instruction for your return to campus. 
Complete the Housing Agreement
It is the expectation of the college that you, as a member of the Hope community, have read and understand the Housing Agreement.
Update your emergency contact information

Hope College collects emergency contact information for you and a family member/guardian. This information needs to be reviewed yearly. When updating your contact information, please make sure that:

  • You are the first person listed.
  • Your cell phone number is listed as your contact phone number.
  • You have one other emergency contact listed.
Confirm your commitment to the Student Code of Conduct and the COVID Living Commitments

As a Hope College community member, you are responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies outlined in the Student Handbook. Please review this document. Unique to this academic year, you also will agree to keep our community safe by following COVID-19 guidelines and procedures. Paramount to these are:

  • Wearing a face covering
  • Maintaining six feet of distance 
  • Completing the self-screening form daily
  • Holding each other accountable to following these guidelines. 

Moving into a cottage or apartment? 

Shortly before you arrive on campus, your cottage or apartment punch code will be loaded to your hope.plus.edu account. When you arrive on campus, you can report directly to your cottage and apartment. On the door of your residence, you will find a QR code which, when scanned, will direct you to a check-in form. In this form, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed all of the items listed above.

First-Year Students – Fall Semester


Each first-year student was assigned a move-in time and date beginning August 12 and running through August 14. Requests for a date/time change can be submitted to reslife@hope.edu as can inquiries if you haven't received an email yet.

Find move-in details on the Orientation website 

Returning Students – Fall Semester


Each returning student was assigned a move-in time and date. Early arrival information was already sent out, and most students have a date/time on August 15 or 16. Requests for a date/time change can be submitted to reslife@hope.edu, as can inquiries if you haven't received an email yet.

Spring-Semester Move-In


  • Spring Semester information will be released sometime in November.

January Orientation information