/ Residential Life and Housing

Room Draw

Select your housing and roommate for the 2019–2020 school year at room draw!

This evening is for people who are choosing to live in a residence hall or seeking a single or double room in a cottage or apartment. The event will be in Maas Auditorium on March 27, 2019. Women are at 6 p.m., and men are at 8 p.m. 

In order to attend room draw, returning students must submit an online Housing Application prior to March 8, 2019.

Students wishing to apply as a group for an apartment must fill out an application

The Process
You begin open room draw by checking in at Maas Auditorium. There, you will be able to see which residence hall, cottage and apartment rooms are available for selection on the projector screen. You will be put into groups and moved over to Maas Conference where you will select a housing unit for the next academic year when your name is called.
Available Housing
There will be a live feed of the housing units that are available for selection shown on the projector screens in both Maas Auditorium (while you are waiting) and Maas Conference (while you are selecting). Both rooms will also have building layouts available.
Flex Cottages

Flex cottages are on-campus cottages where the RA brings in some of the residents for the unit, and the rest are available for selection during room draw. Please note that flex cottages can change from year-to-year depending on the need and gender make up of the student body. Flex cottages are still being decided.

Finding a Roommate
If you're looking for a roommate at room draw, you aren't the only one! Talk to your RA and they may be able to help connect you to other people in your community looking for a roommate. Also, there will be a space in Maas Auditorium for residents to meet other residents who are looking for a roommate. We encourage you to arrive early so you can figure out who you want to live with before the process starts.
Extra Information
  • Cook Hall rooms are set up in suites.  You may not name the people in the other suite room.
  • You cannot change rooms or roommates without permission from the Housing Department.
  • Incoming first-year students cannot be named to apartments or cottages.
  • If the building you want to live in is not available, make sure to sign up on the waitlist! Students' plans change over the summer and spaces become available. We will reach out to students on the list in credit order as spaces become available.