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Summer Housing

Due to COVID-19, all of Hope’s May, June and July classes will be remote.

At this time, we are accepting 2020 Summer Housing applications for:

  1. Hope College and non-Hope College students doing summer research at Hope College
  2. Students approved to remain on campus because they are unable to return home

You may only apply for summer housing for the dates that you are required to be on campus. You cannot arrive earlier or stay later.

Apply to live on campus for the summer 

  • Classes: All classes are being taught remotely, no students are being housed on campus due to taking classes.
  • SHARP/Research: Summer Research is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 13. Please check with your department for your specific start/end date. Applications are due by July 1.
  • Travel restrictionsStudents currently approved to remain on campus due to travel restrictions must apply to remain past May 1. Please note that all requests may not be approved.
  • Working: At this time, no applications are being accepted for campus employment.


The maximum duration of summer housing is May 2–August 21, 2020. See the cost of summer housing on the Business Services website.

Check In

You will receiving instructions for check in when you receive your housing assignment.

Transitional Housing: August 9–18, 2020

Student living on campus during the summer will move to transitional housing in Kollen Hall from 5 p.m.–7 p.m. on Sunday, August 9. They will begin to move to their academic year, on-campus housing 5 p.m.–7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Students will be billed for residential hall housing for the weeks of August 8–14 and August 15–21, 2020.

Policies and Other Information

All Hope College policies in effect during the school year are also in effect during the summer months.

For summer housing and meal plan costs, please visit the Business Services website.