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Residence Halls

Hope College has eleven different residence halls, each with their own unique quirks and characteristics.


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Residential Hall Type Students Average Room Dimensions Carpet Bath Type Elevator Beds:
Bunkable or Loftable
Cook Hall Co-ed
250 Double: 10'4" x 17"
Single: 8'4" x 17'
Yes Suite Yes Bunk
Durfee Hall All Male
Freshmen and Sophomores
92 15'8" x 10'5" Yes Hall No Both
Dykstra Hall All Female
265 Double: 15' x 10'4"
22'7" x 10'8
No Hall No Bunk
Gilmore Hall All Female
Freshmen and Sophomores
112 13'7" x 11'8" No Hall No Both
Kollen Hall Co-ed
Freshmen and Sophomores
292 11'8" x 11'8" Yes Hall Yes Both
Lichty Hall Co-ed
42 13'9" x 11'7" Yes Hall No Both
Phelps Hall Co-ed
Freshmen and Sophomores
160 12'1" x 11'7" No Hall Yes Both
Scott Hall Co-ed
98 13'9" x 11'7" Yes Hall No Loft
Van Vleck Hall Female
Freshmen and Sophomores
38 15'9" x 9'8" Yes Hall No Bunk
Voorhees Hall Co-ed
Freshmen and Sophomores
114 Double: 12'3" x 12'
12' x 11'6" &
10'10" x 12'
Yes Hall Yes Bunk
Wyckoff Hall
Freshmen and Sophomores
100 12'11" x 12' Yes Hall No Both

You may not build your own loft. Loftable beds means that the college provides you with an extra set of bed ends and a stabilizing bar so your beds can be lofted.