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Mentor Profiles

Cara and Cindy

What does Step Up mean to you?

Step Up mentor Cara Giron and student CindyCara Giron, Mentor

“Step Up means more to me than words can explain! It gives me the chance to be able to build relationships with kids and connect to the community of Holland. It makes a difference when you can offer support both academically and socially to kids who are looking for more. By giving back to the youth I hope that one day they may be able to do what I am doing and continue this cycle of endless support!”

Cindy, Student

“Opportunity would be one word that stands out to me. I can come here knowing that I can speak my mind and be able to find resources that can help me in the future. It’s a safe place where I can grow to be a better student athlete.”

Moises and Leo

What are you thankful for at Step Up?

Step up mentor Moises Serrano with student LeonardoMoises Serrano, Mentor

“I’m very thankful for the responsibility that Step Up has given to both mentors and students. All of the mentors volunteer their time, and students are responsible for coming to an after-school program right after their long day. It makes it an even better experience see that the kids come because they want to come. Each of the students come with their own struggles, whether that be in school or outside of school. They come to better themselves and use the resources that are being provided for them. Each of them are honest and that’s what it takes to become a better student and better person.”

Leonardo, Student

“I really think it is amazing to see college students taking time out of their day to help us. It shows us what is possible and how much things can happen so long as I use what is right in front of me. Step Up taught me to communicate and be myself with people around my community and school. I’m thankful for my mentor for being my friend and giving me advice about school, sports and life. I know what I want in life, and that is to go to college!”