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Mentoring Information

Step Up mentors play a crucial role with the Step Up program.

Volunteer mentors are matched with Step Up middle school students and commit to meeting one-on-one or in small groups during scheduled mentoring sessions (Mondays and Wednesdays, 3–4:30 p.m). By volunteering to work with at-risk youth, our mentors are providing a vital, caring, relationship that encourages each student’s potential for success.

The commitment is for a minimum of one semester, but mentors are encouraged to commit to one year if able. Many of our mentors come back year after year because they truly enjoy it!

Mentor Application

Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Attend Mentor Orientation and In-Service Trainings
  2. Complete the Mentor Application and pass the background screening
  3. Mentor two sessions per week for the complete two (2) hour each session per semester, unless otherwise noted (i.e., holidays & breaks) and commit to mentoring at minimum one semester.
  4. Be prepared to work by signing in on time and selecting appropriate materials.
  5. Use mentoring and enrichment time as instructed by Step Up staff and follow the program schedule.
  6. Complete and submit reports for Step Up reports as requested.
  7. Remain in the designated Step Up rooms, unless given permission to go elsewhere.
  8. Notify Step Up staff by noon if you will be late or unable to mentor on the day you’re scheduled.
  9. Treat sensitive information from or about your student in a professional manner and follow up with Step Up staff as needed.
  10. Follow state laws which require reporting of all abuse and/or neglect to the proper Step Up authorities immediately.
  11. Discuss student progress, challenges, and behavioral concerns, as well as overall program questions or suggestions, with the Step Up staff.
  12. Offer only appropriate comments to students about other adults (i.e. teachers, counselors, parents, and social workers) who provide support in their lives.
  13. Model good listening skills and promoting an atmosphere of safety, mutual respect, and acceptance.
  14. Abstain from working on your own homework or other personal activities, including texting.
  15. Serve as role models for Step Up students by promoting and displaying appropriate behavior. Any intoxication, use of illegal substances, abuse of legal substances, profanity, or harassment in or out of Step Up sessions will result in immediate termination.

    *Attire should be professional. A good model is to wear clothing you’d feel comfortable in to make a class presentation, go to church, or visit grandma’s house.